What can I use to stop this allergy to dogs and cats?

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Question by Courtney J: What can I use to stop this allergy to dogs and cats?
Yes I have asthma and it sucks. But its not that bad, it dont mess with me that much. When I’m around dogs and cats my eyes water and nose starts itching like CRAZY! yeah i spoke to my doctor and she said “NO. NO PETS.NO MEDICINE” I hate her she gets on my nerves so any advice or should I just stay away from pets? =(

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Answer by At41480
don’t see a doctor that you hate – see one that you love, and who is willing to prescribe something for your allergy

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  1. I would suggest a visit with a board-certified allergy and immunology specialist (one that you like) that will engage you in formulating a treatment plan that will help control your allergies.

    There are 3 main treatment options for allergies:
    1. Avoidance of your allergens- most reasonable allergists, while hoping you may get rid of your pets, understand that you won’t, and will advise you on other avoidance measures, such as keeping the bedroom free of pets, utilizing air cleaning devices, etc.

    2. Medications- most reasonable allergists rely on medications, as they are generally safe, easy to take, somewhat effective, and what (most) patients desire.

    3. Allergy immunotherapy- this would be a scenario where allergy shots to cat and dog allergen may be utilized to help decrease your symptoms, or potentially cure you of your allergies. This would have the added benefit of potentially improving your asthma as well.

    An understanding allergist should be willing to work with someone who is allergic to a pet, is unwilling to give up the pet, and therefore has continued unavoidable exposure to that pet. They should be able to easily formulate a treatment plan that will improve not only your symptoms, but your quality of life.

  2. My cousin does the same exact things with animals and her doctor put her on a medication. Most doctors don’t want to put you on medication for various reasons, but sometimes they can prescribe you something to take when desperately needed. My cousin takes a shower after she has any contact with animals and that seems to help her. If she is at someone elses home and touches their dog/cat, she just washes her arms up to her elbow and it really helps her. Good luck

  3. Im allergic to dogs.
    My mom has asthma to pretty much everything!
    You could try just getting a hamster.
    Mine dont bother her that much.
    Just dont stick it all in your face!

  4. Use some air filters in your house, they will clean the air so you can breathe better.

  5. the one ya'll love to hate

    get on some Claritin D or something else over the counter, see if that helps. If not, go to another doc…she’s sounds stupid.

  6. ღஜწ*♥icewithspice♥*წஜღ

    go 2 a different doctor and tell them u really like pets and ask if u could have some medicine so that stuff doesnt happen when ur around them…

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