What Causes Seizures In Pets

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healthypets.mercola.com Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian, discusses the causes of seizures in pets and what to do if your pet experiences seizures.
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8 comments on “What Causes Seizures In Pets

  1. Dr. Mercola, thank you for speaking truth. Thank you for being genuine, sincere, and compassionate. We are benefiting greatly from the information you provide, and I hope you continue to maintain your integrity and never give into corruption.

  2. thank you so much for this video; it answered all my questions!
    once again, thank you!

  3. Couple months ago, my cat lost control of his left side- he couldn’t walk. 30 seconds later, he was fine. He’s still fine.

    Was this a seizure? I thought his right side had “gone to sleep”.

  4. Birds too. My sun conure has had a couple of seizures, once at the groomer, once at the vet. The doctor told me it’s common and related to stress.

    Who isn’t under stress when they see their doctor?

  5. musicloverarmeda

    Very invormative. Thank you!

  6. luvyourpets08

    Dr. Becker, thank you so much for this very informative video. I really appreciate it, very much.

  7. Excellent, complete, informative and interesting vid! Right on Dr. Becker!

  8. please redo the audio on this tape- i cant hear what you are saying 🙁 but i need this info.

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