What do you think about the “rent a pet” thing?

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Question by chocolateprincess: What do you think about the “rent a pet” thing?
I don’t like it at all i mean if you’re going to comit to taking care of a pet buy one. Buying pets so you rent them out to people is inhumane. The animals get passed around like..say..a foster child. No permanant home.

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Answer by ☆ Country Gal ☆
I haven’t heard of “rent-a-pet” before – but I can tell you right now I would not have anything to do with it. It’s only convenient for the individual “renting” the animal. The pet could get attached only to find himself in a new home every few weeks.

I’ve heard stories of how people take in orphaned puppies or kittens and nurse them to help out shelters – and give them back when they find a suitible home – I support that cause.

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  1. I don’t agree with it. Pets shouldn’t be passed around like that. They should have one owner with who they bond with. Also with having so many people taking care of them there are going to be some people which will abuse the animal.

  2. Odd Little Animal

    I don’t think it’s inhumane, most of those animals would probably be put to sleep otherwise, but what I don’t understand is WHY would you want to rent a pet.

    The only reason I can really see for renting a pet is to use it to pick up chicks (or guys) and for that, I don’t think it’s a good plan. Aside from the fact that you’re using the animal purely for personal gain…what do you plan on telling the girl when she comes over for dinner Saturday night and Fido isn’t there? “Oh, he wasn’t mine, I rented him”?

  3. the_samurai_lullaby

    I’ve never heard of that before…

    People often lease horses out though, and it works nearly the same. I would never lease out my horse, because you never know how they’re going to be treated…

    Anyway, “rent a pet” is new to me. Do you have a site or something that shows how this kind of business operates, or have you just heard about it?

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