What do you think of this “certified” trainer/behaviorist?

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Question by Toc: What do you think of this “certified” trainer/behaviorist?
I will not mention her name here but she has gone through a dog training course in the US and has managed to get a certificate for it. Her training style is “All Positive”. She constantly has a bag of treats attached to her pants pocket. She has so far only trained her two dogs (an ACS and a mutt ) and maybe a few shelter mutts too. All were only trained basic commands. She has recently started a training school and will only be teaching her students basic stuff. Nothing fancy. Nothing for competitions. It’s all “pet” training.

Would you enroll in her classes? Would you call her a good trainer/behaviorist?

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  1. “Certified” only means she PAID for someone to teach her their method, and upon completion and full payment, received a piece of paper.

    A REAL trainer is a Behaviorist….and doesn’t require the extension on their title. People that know a method (or several methods), but can’t train a dog, CALL themselves “Behaviorists”.

    “All positive” is evidence that she has never had a dog in an UNcontrolled environment.

    I would sooner pick someone off the street.

  2. DaBasset *Ever heard of Google?*

    A certificate from whom? Like “registration” of dogs, there are plenty of places that will “certify” trainers.

    I would not be interested in a trainer that has only trained two dogs, or has not proven their training through competition.

    Hell, when I was 16 I had more experience and qualification than that.

  3. ♫ La vita è misteriosa ♫


    I’m not interested in a dog who doesn’t understand consequences and who will only sit if they can smell food on my person.

  4. ••Ĵєn••

    This is my own opinion and based on the things i have seen from trainers and why i wouldn’t use her:

    ◆ All positive
    No such thing as all positive training that works. There HAS to be corrections at some stage, otherwise what you have is a dog that can listen to commands when circumstances are favourable.

    ◆ Treats
    I do not have anything against using treats or food if that is what works for the dogs, but, people who have treats attached to them and that is all they have learned from another person, aren’t usually very willing to be open to other forms of motivation.
    All dogs have different triggers, if someone is unable or unwilling to use toys/praise etc as a part of training because they think treats will work better or with all dogs, i am not interested.

    ◆ ”Behaviourist”
    A good dog trainer should be able to read behaviour, i don’t really see the need for the extra title.

    ◆ History of only two dogs
    Sorry, that is not enough experience for me to hand over money. I have more experience than that with my pets and i will not pay money to someone less experienced than myself and trust them to have the knowledge of how to fix a behaviour i haven’t been able to.

    ◆ Basic commands
    My dog knows basic commands. If i was going to use a trainer, it would be because of something i couldn’t fix, something i need a second opinion on or help with.
    ”Problem” issues… if she doesn’t deal with them, i have no use for her.

  5. Take the bag of treats away from her and we’ll let her dogs decide :3

  6. If you are going to train your dogs to be better behaved, than she sounds just right. If you want to train your dog for competitive things (as well as yourself) than no. Once your dog is well behaved, it is much easier to teach him or her “fancy” tricks.


  7. yes she is a good trainer…shes just starting out so she wont be perfect but i think you should give her a chance…if it don’t work out than at least you tried. Good Luck!

  8. HELL NO

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