What happens with a female canine in the “heat period”?

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Question by headonskate: What happens with a female canine in the “heat period”?
When a female dog has what we would call “a menstruation” she is actually fertile. Human menstruation is characterized by the rupture of the inner wall of the uterus. The wall is full of blood vessels and therefore the rupture of this wall causes blood loss. My question is how could a female dog be fertile when her uterus is basically unable to carry a baby due to this rupture of the inner wall? Or perhaps the process of this regeneration is just a part of the canine “heat period”. What is happening in the interior of a female dog? How does this process work? Is this process in fact, before the “heat”?

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Answer by LizzyB
Canine reproduction is unique in the world of mammals. You need to google and do some research. In no way can you compare it to human menstruation. In fact, every time a dog comes in “heat” their body and hormones go through the entire pregnancy cycle even if they are not bred. This is why false pregnancies are possible. Myra Savant Harris has some really good books that even a novice can understand. I’ve been breeding show dogs for over 20 yrs and I still have things to learn.

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