What is a “rescue pet”?

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Question by PianoOHiku: What is a “rescue pet”?

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Answer by deadmouse699
A “rescue” pet is a pet that you have adopted from a shelter, humane society, or other organization that takes in stray or unwanted pets.

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  1. I can think of an example: The greyhounds that are retired from racing. There is an organization that will arrange for you to adopt the pet, instruct you on how to train it, what type of environment it needs to thrive, etc.

    As stated in earlier response, they can also be pets that owners may have passed-away, people who cannot afford the vet or food costs. In this economy, a lot of pets are being returned to shelters, and SPCAs depending where you live, some of these animals may be put down – once adopted, they have been rescued.

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