What is a widely available cruelty free pet food?


Question by Lainey: What is a widely available cruelty free pet food?
I recently came across the Iams cruelty reports and would like to switch my pets’ food. My cats eat Iams Hairball and my dog eats Iams ProHealth Large Breed.

Thing is, their vet has recommended they stay on foods with Hairball (for the cats) and a Large Breed food (for my dog). The food can’t be difficult to obtain (think PetSmart/PetCo or grocery) and can’t be incredibly pricey since the dog’s food right now is only about 17.5lbs for 20 dollars. Doggy also has a sensitive stomach so preservatives, canned foods, and rich foods make him sick and miserable.

But wait! There’s even more of a catch, I can’t do the whole “make your pets food” thing. Point blank, I don’t have time. We walk, we play, and I work and go to school, so I rarely make myself wholesome meals, much less preparing different meals for them.

So, any brands? I’ve heard Solid Gold is good, but the price is kind of steep…

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Answer by AJ
Eukanuba is the best food out there. I get it at PetSmart.

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  1. We DIY our pet food.

    I pay a bit extra for human quality stuff- more expensive, but I know where the meat comes from (Australia has a fairly good slaughter process, and while no process is nice, when it comes to feeding a pet who needs meat, its the better way to go, for me, at least).

    Other than that, a lot of vets reccomend keeping pets on dry diets, my best friend, who is a vet-nurse and Therapy Pet Trainer does this for her labrador. She buys an all-inclusive sort of health diet, so its good.

  2. the makers if Iams are Proctor and Gamble.. they also make Febreeze, Swiffer and Eukanuba…so I would stay away from ANY of their products.
    any of the foods from grocery store and MOST from big box pet stores are CRAP..
    I shop at a livestock feed store -they sell crap food and good food.. and the good food is usually $ 3 cheaper a bag at the feed store.

    with costly foods MOST are good (not science diet it is over priced for its quality) but your cat eats less food..
    here – read this – it will help you a whole lot


  3. Have you looked into EVO? The foods are expensive but you only have to feed about 1/2 compared to what your pets eat now. For dogs, they have a poultry only large bites food which is a lot less rich then most other foods. Also, the only filler is potatoes which will be a lot easier on his tummy then foods that contain large amounts of grain.

    The cat food is the only dry food I will give my cats. It’s a lot higher in calories then most other foods so you would have to watch your cats’ waistlines and adjust as needed.

    It is only sold at boutique stores or online but it is pretty popular. To find a store near you that carries EVO, go to evopet.com and use their store locator. You can also email them to request samples and coupons to be sure that your pets will enjoy the food.

    Since your dog has tummy problems, you may also want to consider feeding raw. it’s actually very simple and requires next to no time. You can get free or cheap meat from butchers, meat packing plants, hunters, or people cleaning out their freezers.

  4. Eukanuba is Iams.

    I have looked into this myself, I don’t think you will find any GOOD brands that are cheap. Some vets will say all food is the same some say they are not so it frustrating. Thing is, if you get lousy food now you MAY pay higher vet bills later. This link is best I could find, may have to phone or email pet stores or companies to see where the food is sold. And don’t buy anything made from China!

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