What Is The Best Pot Belly Pig Food?


Generally speaking pot belly pigs, will pretty much eat anything you give them, sadly pot belly pigs are known to become very over-weight, in most cases obese, which can lead to many problems later on with the pigs life, a example of a problem which has happened to many pigs before, is problems with their joints and their feet.

You might already know, but pot belly pigs are very smart, it’s been known for many pigs to open the fridge themselves and start going though all of your food, trying to treats to eat, this can be a problem for many pigs, mainly if they start to become over-weight.

By feeding pot belly pigs the correct diet, with the right food can very easily prevent these problems, it may not stop your pig from opening your fridge, because who doesn’t love a good old treat? Generally pot belly pigs need a diet containing a high amount of fibre which also has low calories.

Luckily for us, the pot belly pig owners, there has been formulated food designed for pot belly pigs and mini pigs, this food is stocked at most good pet stores, so just give your local store a ring and see if they stock suitable food for pot belly pigs, they may be able to order some in, just for you!

As well as the pet food we just spoke about, there are some other ways to help improve your pot bellied pigs diet! Never, ever over feed your pig, keep them on the same diet, once you start giving a pot belly pig more food, they will always want more food.

Don’t feed cat/dog feed to your pot belly pig, it’s far too high in protein for the pigs, avoid feeding your pet fatty foods, as well as chocolate/salty snacks, you should always have fresh water available for your pig.

Never, ever give into begging, pot belly pigs are smart, once they think they can beg and get what they want, they won’t ever stop begging you for things, from day one, never give in and you shouldn’t really have any problems, avoid feeding your pig from the fridge, or even showing them where all of the food is, because sooner or later, your pig will try and open your fridge!

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