What is the difference between: “buying a pet” and “adoping a pet”?


Question by : What is the difference between: “buying a pet” and “adoping a pet”?
Is there a difference? because at a shelter where i live it costs about $ 85-$ 100 to adopt a dog and i know they need to maintain the place and animals, but they say “adopt” but it sounds more like “buy”.

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Answer by G man 44
Well you have to pay for the food and medicine they give the dog but you should never go to adopt always go to a kennel may cost more but adoptions always get sick or injured and it’s a waste

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  1. there is no adopting a pet if money changes hands … it is called buying a pet … the word adoption is use to make it seem warm and fuzzy because adopting from a shelter can be anything but so they have to reel people in somehow … and 85 to 100 dollars is a deal, it is 500 dollars to buy a dog from my local spca … and yes, i said buy NOT adopt …

  2. buying is more money and is not as good if you adopt a pet he/she will get a 2nd chance think if you are homeless because you lost your home and you oley family member alive was your sister and your sister was mad at you you would you want a 2nd Chance right (a chance is a chance no mater who help them out that’s what they would do ) hope this helped your friend Erica

  3. well yes but, when you buy you do so with what ever good intentions you have at the time.
    When you adopt you will be signing a contract that states you will provide best care possible for the natural life of that pet. Generally other clauses in the contract may state that you will provide vet care as needed and return the pet to the shelter if you are for some reason unable to provide proper care.
    There is a contractual commitment here.
    Considering the cost to maintain a shelter, provide food, comfort and vet care and the cost of spay/neuter and first round of shots $ 85-$ 100 is a bargain.
    If you buy and you are a responsible pet owner that first check up, heartworm check and preventative, first round of shots and spay or neuter you are looking at average $ 250-500 cost.

  4. Sumanitu Taka

    Regardless of the wording, you don’t necessarily have to adopt a dog, but you can foster one at no cost. Granted you have to make an effort to find this dog a home while taking care of it, and run the risk of bonding with it and then have to give it away. I did so and ended up keeping the dog and paying the adoption fee because he had become so much a part of my life and my shelter adopted dog took him in immediately.

  5. MushroomPandaSquadron

    When you adopt a pet from the shelter they are charging you for the fact that they probably had to update the animals vaccinations and spay/neuter it. Also, the shelter had to buy food for the animal during its stay, and have employees take care of it- something that is not free.

    It is called adopting when you get the pet from a shelter/rescue group because it is an animal that was not bred to be sold – it is most likely a stray or an animal that was saved from an abusive owner.
    This is different than “buying” an animal, because when you buy an animal it means you are getting it from a breeder or a pet shop.

    Breeders have animals make babies which they then sell for profit.
    Pretty much the same thing with pet stores.

  6. The Beatles LOVE

    Many times, when you buy a pet there are no strings attached, except that you promise a good home for it or whatever.

    When you adopt, a lot of adoption centers charge an adoption fee which may seem about like buying a pet outright, but then they have a lot of requirements such as:

    1. You can’t re-sell the pet, you must provide a lifetime home for it.
    2. They will come check on the pet, if it is in anyway deemed in jeopardy, they will confiscate it and you don’t get your money back.
    3. You have to have certain types of fencing/stall/shelter for the pet.
    4. Some pets you adopt are for companion only and if they believe you are using it for some manual labor or something they will take it away.

    So in my opinion, buying one keeps you free from the legal entanglements that might come with adopting one. I think every pet owner ought to have a good conscience that tells them to treat their pets nicely. But because there are abusers out there, laws and regulations and stuff have to be enforced, and adoption centers primarily concerned with finding the best homes for the pets.

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