What is wrong with my pet cockatiel?

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Question by easilyamused976: What is wrong with my pet cockatiel?
My bird has these strange “seizues” periodically. He is totally unresponsive – usually, he is very territorial but when he is having a “seizure,” he is not and doesn’t care if you touch him. When you pick him up, he feels like a dead weight. Usually these seizures last for 10-15 minutes, then he is perfectly normal again. A few nights ago, however, he was thrashing around the bottom of his cage.. he had lost his balance and his head was tilted back. we took him out of his cage and he started closing his eyes and turning his head slightly to the side. We thought this was the end, but he was still breathing. We put him in a shoebox and covered it so he could rest without hurting himself. About an hour later, we heard chirping and he was completely back to normal.

I know something must be wrong with him — does anybody know what it could be?

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Answer by curious
I have two cockatiels and neither of mine do this. You need to find a vet who specializes in birds. he may break his neck next time.

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  1. the baby may have cancer, when birds sit in bottem of cage that is a sign its so sick it could die. never wait ALWAYS take birds to vet asap when first notice something. my bird died in my hands so i know what’s up. bird lover

  2. Please take the bird to a avian vet. The poor angel sounds unwell.

  3. One of my birds had seizures like that a few years ago … but it never recovered, only lasted a day. Took it to the vet who thought it was due to kidney failure but it was too late to do anything. A vet specializing in birds can do blood tests and see whats going on it might be possible to treat it. Good luck.

  4. lifetimebirdowner

    All but the one are NOT seisures as far as I can tell from your information, but the last one is. Is there a certain change right before his abnormal behavior? I have a canary that acts the same way if his cage is moved or if he watches another cage being moved-for him it is called motion sickness.The sooner you find what the trigger is for your bird to go into “motion sickness,” the sooner you can eliminate or minimize it for your bird’s safety.

    Your last one was caused by the night-fright, which cockatiels are well-known for, that you described. He probably hit himself just right so that he went into the seizure, just like my female cockatiel did once. I would watch him to see if he goes into another one. This could likely be an isolated incident which isn’t a cause for concern, but if he has more, take him to a vet.

  5. Sounds like he may be having seizures. It may be due to stress, or disease. Get him to the vet.

  6. It sounds like he’s having seizure’s……I’ve had alot of birds over the years, but I’ve never had this happen, You need to get him to the vet for the answer…

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