what is your experience with “evo the ancestral diet”?

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Question by geminia1232: what is your experience with “evo the ancestral diet”?
I just decided to switch my two cats from purina complete formula to evo.

my cats where doing fine on purina and i really didnt even know untill now that high end pet foods existed. my sister in law mentioned getting a high end food for her dog so i decided to check out what was available for cats.

i would do a raw food diet but i am low income and cant afford it.i am doing everything i can just to afford the evo.

so far my cats think evo is candy.i am mixing it with the purina for now just in case there are any bowel problems. but they are just devouring it.

i am interested to know what other peoples experiences are with this food.

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Answer by Labradors, Please!
Just feed her Purina it’s not bad. They’re cats-human quality, organic, whatever doesn’t mean a thing to them. Byproducts, corn-it’s all good to cats, regardless of what people say.

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  1. Ours all got diarhea even though we introduced it gradually. We tried canned and dry, they liked the canned more than the dry version.

    Eventually they really let me know it wasn’t their favorite and we switched back to Wellness, Wellness Core and Royal Canin Siamese 38. Their fave was the RC Siamese 38, hands down. All these are good foods, so go with what yours like best.

    On the plus side, there’s no dyes in the dry food to make it look better to the owner so if they do barf it up on the rug it’s able to be cleaned up a lot easier.

  2. EVO is a great food. What little dry mine get is EVO. It’s made with all top quality ingredients. Consider it an investment in your cat’s health. Your cats will change over time, and in three months you’ll wonder why you didn’t discover the EVO sooner. Initially you can expect some loose stool, and some major shedding (they will get rid of their crappy coat).

    Ignore the remark about it not mattering about corn and by-products. It *does* matter as cats don’t need grain in their diets (they are carnivores) and by-products are a low-quality protein source. It’s like comparing hot dogs and boxed macaroni and cheese to a piece of chicken and a tossed salad. Both are food – but which is better for your health? It’s no different with cats. They can live on the Purina, but they won’t thrive.

  3. My cats eat the Evo canned food on a regular basis. I feed others as well including canned Wellness, Wellness Core, Natural Balance, and some others. I just recently started feeding them raw again as well. They have been back on 3 smaller meals a day instead of 2 larger meals because I thought it would be better for them.

    I rotate the canned foods because I don’t want to end up with fussy cats. Evo is the one I feed the most though because it is least expensive excellent cat food – at least where I buy my cats’ food.

    I feed very little dry, but the only one I use is Evo. I use it if I need to be away overnight, for treats, and for a hunting game I play with the cats. My cats adore it.
    A furry someone recently opened the cabinet where I kept the bag and my 3 cats had an Evo feast. It was completely empty, not a crumb left.
    They ate 1/4 of a 6.6 lb bag.

    If you can do a homemade raw diet properly you will find it is less expensive than commercial cat food. I did feed raw regularly some time ago and stopped because I just wasn’t organized enough to have the right ingredients on hand all the time and because I didn’t have a system.

    I found this product online and finally ordered it. The product is not cheap so I hesitated til I worked out what it would cost with the meat and liver. It is less expensive than canned even with the shipping charge. You might want to at least take a look:
    The only thing you’ll need to invest in is little containers, which I don’t have yet. Am freezing it in ice cube trays.

    Here is a feline nutrition site for you:
    Another , addressing issues with dry food:

    My overall assessment of of the Evo brand is that it is a good 9 on a 1-10 scale and that the Purina is about a 2.

    Update: One thing you should be aware of when switching from low-quality to high is that you will need to feed about 25% less by volume. The good food has more food in it!

    Another thing – if you are on food stamps you could consider eating less meat yourself and buying it for the cats with food stamps. I’m totally not trying to be rude. Its just that we can do fine with little or no meat and are generally the better off, whereas fresh meat is great for the cats.

  4. It’s excellent food – made of real meat and grain free.

    Please ignore Labrador’s very incorrect answer. Unlike dogs, who are omnivores, cats are obligate carnivores and their bodies have no use for corn. And backyard breeders are the best sources for pet nutrition advice.

    Evo costs more than the cheap foods but since it’s so rich in nutrients your cats will eat far less of it. Slowly have less and less of that Purina garbage till you’re feeding them just the Evo. Since it lacks the fillers of Purina you won’t end up with overweight cats. They’ll also poop MUCH smaller since they won’t be eating all those fillers. And their coats will get nice and shiny.

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