What’s REALLY in Your Pet’s Food!!

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Do you really know what your pet ate last night? You will be SHOCKED to learn what’s legally allowed in pet food.

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  1. I’m gonna throw up…

  2. Blah blah blah….. that’s why you don’t get grocery store pet food. Go to your vet. Get a real diet that’s not LOADED with protein (which is NOT good for animals in the long run, throws off their chemistries!) like most of the “natural” dog foods are. Some producers spend their profits on RESEARCH on what’s best for animals. FIND THEM!!!
    If it looks the same coming out of your pet as is does going in, what are they really getting from it?!?!?!

  3. NO you dont go to your vet because VETS prescribe the foods that they get a DEAL on! IF YOU LOOK at your VETS food ingredients you will almost ALWAYS find “by products” AND/OR Animal fat. Especially in the prescription diets. The vets make a killing off of sick animals right? Many of them don’t know, and if they did what are they going to do about it? Risk losing clients because their script diet is wholesome and more expensive? Not to mention lose clients b/c their patients actually get well?

  4. Very true. The vet tried to push her “Science Diet” garbage on me and I looked at the ingredients on her promo brochure, 1st ingredient: CORN! I laughed at her . She was also trying to tell me that feeding my Presa-Canario Raw bones and meat could cause illness. But it’s funny that when i eliminated any trace of corn from his diet, his skin, and coat became vibrant and healthy, as did his overall persona.(or is that ‘dog-ona’? lol.)

  5. I wonder what they actually get away with at the hotdog factory?

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