What’s the best choice to pick if I’m getting a “small pet” for my bday ?

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Question by Sabrina: What’s the best choice to pick if I’m getting a “small pet” for my bday ?
I’m turning 13, and my mom promised me that she would let me get a pet. But it has to be a small one, like a hamster or gerbil. I don’t really know which one to pick. I want a FRIENDLY pet that are easy to befriend.
Here are my choices:

Hamster (I’ve never had one before but they’re bigger than mice and gerbils so I’m not too afraid to hurt them while I hold them.)

Gerbil (I’ve had one before, but I don’t really think I should get one again because it bit me a lot, and some how got out of its cage and we couldn’t find it anywhere :] )

Rabbit (I haven’t really talked to my mom about this though. She says that they stink and I don’t know if she would let me get one even if it was my bday)

Ferret (I’ve heard that ferrets are expensive and have an odor problem)

So if you think theres something else I should get please suggest it also.
Thanks :]
Okay, thanks everybody for all your nice answers!
I’ve narrowed it down to a Rat and a Guinea Pig. I’ll just have to settle it with my mom, see if it’s okay. It seems like mostly everyone said I should get a rat. They do sound very friendly, and I would definitely get one, but the only problem is that I don’t think my mom would want one. I KNEW I was forgetting something. I left out the guinea pig. Thanks for bringing it up. They do sound friendly as well and the cuter the better :]
But it was hard for me to pick a best answer. So I wish I could choose all, but I can’t. So all of you have been such a big help!!
Thanks so much! Message me to find out which pet I got at the end ;]
I’ll probably get it this weekend. My bday is on August 11th. Thanks mucho!


Best answer:

Answer by Nicole M
Guinea pigs are great small pets. They have very gentle dispositions and they love to be held and cuddled. They make really cute noises too.

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25 comments on “What’s the best choice to pick if I’m getting a “small pet” for my bday ?

  1. A goat!!!

  2. guinea pig are the best!!!!! get a long haired one. they are pimp:). they are called peruvian silkys, look up pictures and youll fall in love. i have one and shes great. like a small loving wig.

  3. I know you didn’t list this as one of your choices but have you considered a bird? Cockatiels are very friendly and social and show affection also. Plus you can do more with them.
    If a bird isn’t an option, you might like the guinea pig, my friend had them and they liked sitting in laps.

  4. Rabbits are not small pets. Theya re just as uch work as a dog or cat. They can also live 8-10 years and since you’re young you might feel as tho you’ve grown out of having a bunny. I suggest you read this site. http://www.rabbit.org

  5. rats are great I had one that I could leave on my bed it wouldn’t jump off and was litter trained.
    Guinea pigs are also great. Make sure you feed it guinea pig food and not rabbit food. They also need teh little salt spools or they may be a little nippy trying to get teh salt from you skin.
    I would suggest getting a book about teh animal you are going to get and if you have to wait to actually get teh pet until you know what you are getting and how to take care of. the library and internet are great places to get the info without paying for the books ate the petstore.
    Good Luck

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