Whats the deal with craigslist?

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Question by Amanda Brown: Whats the deal with craigslist?
IN the pet section, did ya ever notice they want you to say “rehoming” fee instead of ” im selling my dog for x amount of dollars. I mean, call it what it is!! and why cant you “rehome” your pet for any more than 100 and if u try to do more, they flag u and take down your post! Anyone have an answer????????????????

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Answer by Bodzila
i dunno much about it but yes..
i know that somehow it’s a way to earn money online…

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  1. Because Craigslist doesn’t allow the sale of pets on their site, so you can’t say “For sale” or it gets banned. For complete details on how Craigslist operates visit http://www.howtobeatcraigslist.uni.cc and you’ll know everything.

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