What’s the deal with the Yahoo Points?

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Question by Billy: What’s the deal with the Yahoo Points?
I have noticed that people will answer and say things like, “DK but I get two points!!” or “Yay!! 2 easy points for me!!” What’s the friggin’ deal? Do you get a magic prize involving little yappy circus dogs and a keg of dark German unfiltered beer if you get a whole bunch of points or do you only get the opportunity to spend more time on Yahoo! Answers?

If Yahoo! decided to give a certain amount of money to help starving children around the world each time a question was answered, THAT would be a real exciting reason to answer questions…Right now, who cares…”Oh cool!! If I just answer 57 more questions, I can answer 40 questions instead of 30…HOORAY!!”

I’m not making fun of the desire to help people by knowing the answers to their questions, I am only making fun of the desire to win the magical Yahoo! points. It just doesn’t make sense, unless there is some f***** up prize involving ancient tortoises, a medicine man, two magic basketballs, and a broken roller skate.

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Answer by 1ncebit2iceshy
yr right this has turned out to be a joke as far as the points go,they are usless and yet people will cheat to get them for nothing~

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  1. peterboro_first

    The points are in fun.

  2. AdventSatanist

    Naw, I just like seeing big numbers on my computer… no idea why, I just do it cause it’s fun. I think it’s supposed to encourage people to use Yahoo! Answers.

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