What’s wrong with this picture? Excessive apartment damage charges?

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Question by Mrs. Coogan: What’s wrong with this picture? Excessive apartment damage charges?
These are the charges I received from my ex-landlord after asking to be reimbursed for nearly $ 4500 worth of our belongings which she threw out, claiming that our apartment was “abandoned”. Our rent was paid through the month, she acknowledges on the form that we did indeed provide proper notice and we finished our term. The charges total $ 4973, less our deposits ($ 700, including pet deposits), bringing the bill to $ 4273. The charges just seem very fishy to me. The apartment is only about 800 sq. ft. Also, that woman was recently fired for stealing money hmmm…

$ 125: Claims that we owed $ 125 in rent: A lie, since it was paid in full for 6 months and that was the first we heard of this. I believe it was made up to justify her “abandonment” claim.
$ 20: Repair door scratches from our dog, a legit charge, I agree.
$ 3,718: For removing old carpet, replacing, and “slab treatment”, whatever that is. This is the main charge I’m concerned with.
$ 250: For heavy cleaning. The unit was indeed dirty b/c we had not yet finished moving when she took it upon herself to do this. Had we been given the proper chance, it wouldn’t have been left that dirty.
$ 100: Trash removal?
$ 60: Keys not turned in (big clue it wasn’t abandoned). She never asked for them.
$ 60: Paint touch up. We didn’t damage the walls at all, this is normal wear and tear.
$ 615: Carpet CLEANING. How is this possible, to charge for what seems to be multiple cleanings AND replacement?
$ 150: De-flea. Our dogs didn’t have fleas, they were on medication monthly for that. Plus, that’s what she claimed the “slab treatment” was for.

What seems wrong here to you guys?

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Answer by mailgirl0
File a suit in civil court, Sounds like your landlord is more like a slumlord and is just looking to bilk you out of thousands of dollars.

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7 comments on “What’s wrong with this picture? Excessive apartment damage charges?

  1. small claims court , have all your paperwork this could be a personal lawsuit check with your att.

  2. rental agreements vary from state to state like most of the charges you mentioned might be legit other than cleaning and replacing the carpet , can’t do both .but to back up and I believe the only way she could toss your belongings was to get a court order for eviction and store your stuff for 30 days ( which they can charge you the storage rent they are charged ) no way can she take it upon her self to do so with out a court order. you need to hire a lawyer and have them place a counter suit against the owners for lost of your property and argue your case about the charges they have on you . you say no fleas she says fleas she will have to produce receipts from an exterminator of proof there was fleas there and the 125$ owed for rent she will have to show you owed it . and was the carpet really replaced or just shampooed. get a lawyer!

  3. take her to small clam court. she can not thown yuor thing out . she have to take and store it at a storage place under your name. it well not cost you to take her to small clam court. when you move in there shold be a paper you sign that is wron with the place. and when you leave the paper is sign agian. these two paper tell you and the land lord with is damage to the place when you was living in there, if there no paper sign ,they didn,t have a leg to stand on. because they can,t say you did the damge. ps you can,t clean a carpet if you replace it. de-flea and painting is normal wear and tear. because they let you have pets from a line lord

  4. The carpet thing is bogus. Installing new carpet or any type of renovation to the unit is an investment she is making into the apartment and she should eat.

  5. what is wrong is you were not around to stop this nonsense. You should not have to pay for the replacement of carpet. Before you move out that is your job to get it cleaned to avoid not getting deposit back. You should have had chance to clean so minus 250. 615 shouldn’t even be on there because they supposedly replaced the carpet. It depends on how bad you left the place. If you left it nasty, they may have had to replace everything. That is why if I ever move from a place, I make sure I leave it better than I found it…

  6. If she was fired for stealing, then she is definitely not trustworthy. You need to gather and organize all receipts and documentation of what all has happened, and take her to small claims court.

  7. Bux - Type 2 Diabetic (NIDDM)

    Landlord is trying to make money off of bogus claims.

    You need to see a Lawyer ASAP!

    How can they charge for carpet replacement AND carpet cleaning at the same time?

    This is outright FRAUD!

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