Which pet is right for me?

Pittman & Davis

Which pet is right for you by Pets at Home
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5 comments on “Which pet is right for me?

  1. I’m getting a hamster for christmas from pets at home. well not on christmas, day before christmas eve. so that i can play with it and stuff on christmas!

  2. Im Getting A Syrian Hamster on Friday or Wednesday =) i carnt wait for my new pet so i can care for and + i am getting it at Pets At Home ( NEW MALDEN ) =)

  3. yeah well I’m getting a pet rock

  4. SpitFir3Tornado

    The lady from Pets at Home sounds like my cousin my aunt is from Wales so…ya…vaccinations are vet bills also… this video said just about nothing about what pet is right for certain people! congratualations you have a fail video!

  5. got 2 gerbils from pets at home

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