Which type of dog food is best for my Golden Retrievers.?

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Question by cherrylipsx3: Which type of dog food is best for my Golden Retrievers.?
I have 2 beautiful Golden Retrievers, whom I love like my kids. However after reading quite a bit of info about fillers and bad dog foods, I’ve been reconsidering their diet.

I’ve been feeding them Beneful, and they love it. But I’ve been reading a lot of article talking about how these “top brand” dog foods are really no good.

I usually buy at least a 50 lb bag from the pet store, but I’m not looking to spend $ 100 to do so. Like I said…I have 2 golden retrievers….they eat a lot. (and yes they’re at healthy weights)

My coworker suggested Royal Canin Golden Retriever, but said it’s pretty pricey. What are some other good dog foods I can buy at a decent value? Where can I buy this dog food? How much is it on average?

I’m not looking to feed my dogs raw foods, so please don’t reccomend it. I feed them a scrambled egg once a week.

I also feed them baby carrots, zucchni, strawberries (in moderation), apples without seeds, and sometimes potatoes. I’ve spoken to my vet and he said these were all ok to feed them. What types of fruits and veggies do you feed your dogs?

Thanks for the imput 🙂 10 pts best answer 🙂
Diana, I appreciate your answer but that really has nothing to do with what I asked.

My dogs are at optimal health, all vaccinations, rabies, heartworm etc. They go for regular visits with the vet every 6 months for a check up. As well as whenever they need it.

By feeding dogs a high quality food, this improves their health leading to less trips to the vet, and more years on your loved one’s life! 🙂 That to me is more important to me than anything 🙂

But again, thanks for taking your time to answer

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Answer by jen
I feed my boys (Golden, Dachshund and Yorkie X) Innova, it is about $ 37 for the medium bag. Check out http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/ . It rates all the foods and will give you a good idea of what good foods to look for at the pet store. I have heard Blue Buffalo is available at most pet stores and is reasonably priced.

I feed my boys apple slices, green beans, carrots. They love the tops of strawberries. I leave a good bit of berry on there, they go nuts for those. And there is nothing to throw out. Dogs are so environmentally friendly… 🙂

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5 comments on “Which type of dog food is best for my Golden Retrievers.?

  1. I feed Nutram Gold to my Goldens. It doesn’t contain Corn Wheat or Soy products. It is made with high levels of certified human grade chicken. It is also formulated with Glucosamine and Chondroitin ingredients which reduce the symptoms of arthritis and other bone and joint diseases.

    The product is made in Canada and I pay 34 euros for a 15 kg. bag. I am very happy with this food and my dogs love it.

    The dogs also have pieces of raw carrot, apple and banana as treats and I give them marrow bones every now and then to chew on.

    ADD:- I meant to say that the price for this food is normally 47 euros but because I buy such a lot I get it at a special price
    for Breeders.

  2. Goldenly Addicted

    I feed my Goldens top quality dog food & that is Addiction. Addiction has NO corn, wheat, soy or by-products which you can mostly find in most medium to low class foods & that’s why so many dogs with allergies do well with this food including my GR who is prone to skin problems. I feed my dogs home-cooked food that is “human quality real meat” & NOT human food like minced meat, chicken, lamb, steak, etc. All boiled. I also add in vegetables to balance out their diet. I have started giving them raw imported Australian lamb meat once a week just as a supplement. Blood does help the dog’s health sometimes. The two dog foods you mentioned aren’t great foods but if your dogs are doing well with then, then I guess it’s okay. I give boiled carrots & some leafy vegetables in their diets. I give them lots of it. Fruits? They don’t like fruits but once in a while, they get cold watermelon. It’s hot here in Malaysia so watermelon helps to cool them down.

  3. Blue Buffalo. It’s about $ 45 for a 30 Ib bag. I feed my dog bananas and apple, those are his favorites!

  4. I would much rather see someone feed a moderately priced dog food and be able to afford proper medical care, environmental enrichment, etc for their pets than to see someone go for an expensively priced food that puts them in the poor house.

    The only thing I would recommend is that you feed your dog the appropriate amount of dog food. Studies should that dogs kept at their ideal weight or slightly under live longer (2-4 years longer), suffer from osteoarthritis later in life than obese dogs (it develops at least 2 years or more later in life), and suffer less from endocrine and other diseases.

  5. I feed Innova EVO to my 3 dogs (GSD, Lab and Saint Bernard). One big bag where I live is about $ 65. It’s high protien, low carbs and no grain or fillers. My dogs love it. They don’t need as much food (because of the protien) and it’s a truly good natural dog food.

    Dogs can eat raw eggs, too. Only once or twice a week, I give my dogs an egg every once in a while. Plain yogurt is good for them too.

    Be sure to check out these site for fods not to feed dogs: http://www.nocans.com/avoid.html and http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=2+1659&aid=1030

    Awesome that your trying to find a healthy (natural) food for your dogs!

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