Why do Huskies just stare at you?

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Question by T R: Why do Huskies just stare at you?
I work at best friend pet care I do doggy day care. There is this Husky named Liko me and him are close. Then there is another Husky Mix female name Norah she does this as well. Liko will look at me for hours even if I ask him to stop. But from time to time he will stop if i say “Do you have an eye problem?”. Or I go over to pet him he moves a bit or he lays on his side. Then when I leave he does it again till I ignore him or walk off. Now Norah will look at me until I look at her for a few mins. NONE of the other breeds do this just them.

This is Liko that is how he looks at me


Also Huskies REALLY seem to like me why is that?

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Answer by Bri
You can’t lump all huskies in that category. He probably looks to you as the leader if you’re caring for him.

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