Why do people insist upon buying a pet as a “toy” even though they cannot afford basic veterinary treatment?

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Question by lidybeff: Why do people insist upon buying a pet as a “toy” even though they cannot afford basic veterinary treatment?

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Answer by Jessica H
I think unfortunately some people just want a pet so badly they overlook some of the costs involved. I hate to see animals being neglected. Sometimes too vet bills can be outrageously expensive and some people just don’t have the money, in this case (even though it is hard) it is kinder to give the pet to someone who does or put them to sleep. Having said that I actually took out a loan to pay for my cats operation (he swallowed bits of phone cord), he is very well but now a few years later I financially wouldn’t have that open. People do need to realise animals are not “toys” they feel pain and deserve the best care we can give them.

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  1. Becasue they think its going to be easy when its really not after they find out what its like to take care of a pet. In reality they want the pet there as long as they don’t have to be responsible for cleaning up after it, feeding it, giving it a bath and so on.

  2. Because these people have no heart, not conscience… they’re usually not fit to be parents either. Well that’s what I see here in NZ anyway. But this is the sad part. As neglected as that dog next door may be, it seems to be more important than the children. If dog needs food, then children must go without in order to feed dog and buy the next pack of cigarettes.

  3. For the same reason they buy a car and cannot afford insurance, drink and drive, have kids they don’t teach, use food stamps because they spent their welfare check on drugs….etc….that reason is selfish irresponsibility.

    Or they are pandering to the whims of some spoiled child without thinking it through.

  4. because they have no sense of reality…those people treat other people the same way, they are selfish imature irresponsible littleturds that desperately need a beating.

  5. People have a lot of love to give. Animals have a lot of love to give. Most vets will take payments and the SPCA and Humane Society will often help with vet care, but people don’t always know these things.

    Sometimes people get animals when they CAN afford it and then something happens at a time when money is really tight. What if you had your dog for 10 years, would you just give him away? Would that abandonment be in his best interest?

    I’ll bet that your parents didn’t know how much you would cost when they had you. But you turned out okay.

    I live in a rural area, 60 miles from any big town in 3 different directions. We have 2 vet clinics with 3 vets. Sometimes, especially after hours or on weekends there is no vet in town, so you do the best you can until the vet gets back. Having everything be perfect in life is not always easy.

    What burns my butt most is when people get puppies and they spend all their time with them, then when they get bored with that the dog sits on a chain in the back yard, get fed once a day and is ignored the rest of the time. THAT’S the kind of people that don’t deserve a pet!

    And to Jessica, we do need to give them the best that we can, but sometimes the best we can give is just not quite the best. It doesn’t make us bad, it just makes us human.

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