Why does FOX news recklessly make “facts” up on the spot? How can they have credibility?

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Question by The Wise: Why does FOX news recklessly make “facts” up on the spot? How can they have credibility?
The lastest Republican talking point was about how the stimulus was a pork-laden bill with various pet projects, like a high-speed rail from Disneyland to Las Vegas.

It turns out, this was a complete and utter fabrication:


This lie was repeated numerous times. E.g. John Boehner (House Minority leader, OH rep) stated: “Tell me how spending $ 8 billion in this bill to have a high-speed rail line between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is going to help the construction worker in my district.”

Congresswoman Candice bemoaned: “[A]pparently the Senate majority leader has earmarked $ 8 billion for a rail system from Las Vegas to Los Angeles? You have got to be kidding. You have got to be kidding.” Well apparently they WERE kidding her because it doesn’t exist.

Now it’s certainly not out of character for members of the GOP to lie, distort, and flat-out make things up on the spot; however, how can Fox News claim to be a reputable news organization – “fair and balanced” – when they reported on this erroneous story several times:

A simple fact check or actually reading the bill would have cleared the misconception, but Fox News did no such thing and let this lie continue to grow.

How can a news channel that millions watch simply lie like this? Were there fact checkers out sick or laid-off? Where are their journalistic ethics?

How can they have any credibility?

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Answer by Chi Guy
This is how they control the Republicons.

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22 comments on “Why does FOX news recklessly make “facts” up on the spot? How can they have credibility?

  1. “• $ 30 Million for the Salt Marsh mouse.” Aunt Yobama

    Not true and almost everything you named creates jobs. You have something against that?


    “They aren’t the only network that ran that story. Even your own links dont deny that one will be built.”

    No one knows what is going to be built so saying, with no fore-knowledge, that one will be built is a fabrication!

    Republicans have put us $ 12,000,000,000,000.00 in additional debt and created this nightmare.

    You really have no right criticising plans to get out of your mess that you are unwilling to raise a finger to get out of. You have no answers and you are not the solution, so quit complaining.

    Pork and earmarks are hidden. There is nothing in this bill that is HIDDEN! If it were Bush you would not even know where it even went!

  2. WAKE UP!!!!!!
    its not about fox or cnn!
    your being lied to from both sides, they play one side against the other!
    while you vote straight ticket partisan politics, your parties join in the middle.
    if all the media is owned by the same 3 media companies its not a competition for news its a competition for “entertainment” and viewer numbers.
    if you believe the “news” and the news has an agenda they spin to you what does that make you……a product line!!!!!!!!

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