Why does wanting to keep a bird quiet considered “animal abuse”?

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Question by SuMiRe~chan: Why does wanting to keep a bird quiet considered “animal abuse”?
My grandmom died 5 years ago, and we (me, my mom, and my brother) got her cocketeil. My mom takes care of him, leaves him out of the cage occasionally. Not all the time, because we have a cat, and because she has to work. Me and my brother, and everyone else who hears him (visiting, or on the phone) knows and HATES how noisy he is. He’s only quiet when it’s dark.

I asked a question on here, how to get him to SHUT UP! Most of the “answers” (if you would call them that) were just criticism and comments about how it’s “ANIMAL ABUSE”!

Now, as for me, I am not an animal abuser. I saved 2 kittens. One was stuck in a drainage thingie in the street. The other was a stray who was sick and poor thing had to be put to sleep. But I fed him and took care of him while he was alright. I’m not well known for sticking up for myself, but some kids on the bus were going to throw things at somebody’s pet pig. But I stood up for that pig, and they stopped. Another time I received an email from the ASPCA in NY telling all us people in NJ there was a man caught doing animal sacrifices in his backyard. I mailed the Gov. at the time (James McGreevey) and they mailed me back numerous times, keeping me updated and thanking me for aiding in the arrest of that psycho.

If I was really an animal abuser, would I do these type of things? I’m also a strict vegetarian – FOR MORAL REASONS!

I just want a SIMPLE answer to my question: HOW is wanting this bird to keep QUIET considered animal abuse? I guarantee any “answer” containing any criticism, I will not even bother reading your answer, and your first thumbs down will be from me.

Followed by this:

How am I a nasty person? I don’t take care of GinGin because my mom does! She feeds him and gives him fresh water and fresh seeds and cleans his cage and takes him out EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I just want him to SHUT UP!

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Answer by ~.* RAWR *.~
Hmm, haven’t seen that question. I guess people thought you were just leaving it in a small cage all day? Or maybe there upset on how you ‘shut him up’? I don’t know, I haven’t seen the question.


Uhhhh, I think its because you said you ‘hate’ him and want nothing to do with him? Only a guess.

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  1. I understand your home situation. You had cats, now you had a bird thrown into your arms. It was used to getting attention, from one woman. It wants that attention from its owner. When bird SCREAM its really bad! the best way around this is give it attention, when its not screaming. Ignore the bad behavior! Do not yell. “Shut up” or “hush birdie” it just encourages it!

    Rearange the cage, give it new toys often and plenty of snacks! Veggie snacks i mean…Your bird does not need anything with sugar!

    Make sure you keep its schedule even, and dont change it often. One other things you can do is try to spend time with it and teach the bird to talk. Can try to teach it really simple tricks. Where is your bird. Place it in a busy part of the house. The activity should entertain the bird too!

    ALSO birds love the sound of their voice! You will never see a completly quite bird, they love to hear the sounds they can make!

    Edited to add….WOW i just read your original questions. Your a nasty person! How can you say you don’t leave it out, or even feed it! No wonder your bird screams! It is being so mistreated the bird hopes to god it gets help!

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