Why is it that “rescue” dogs are so grateful?!?


Question by Got Dog?!: Why is it that “rescue” dogs are so grateful?!?

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Answer by Mal D
because you are rescueing them from a bad life…. my shelter puppy is the best ever!

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  1. They’ve already experienced the worst of humans & had no doubt lived a horrible life.
    Now that they have seen how dogs should be treated & live they know what being grateful is all about.

  2. I think they know.I know my dog CoCo knows.He chose me when i went to see them.He is the only one that wagged his tail at me.It was buddies from the get go..

  3. Because they were taken from a life of hell and now they are living the life of royalty.. Like my Pekingese she lived in a garage in a cage never went out side her feet never touched the grass and she had no idea what a leash or a collar was or what living with a family or being around people. Now she’s living the life that she should be she loves to go for walks go to the park she lives the life of a princess she’s a very happy dog with much to be grateful for I know I would be.

  4. i have one dog I went and got from a person who was giving them away and have rescues 2 at different times but still have them and they are all great dogs but the two I rescued act like they understood they had been abandoned and needed help. The last little guy I picked up wasn’t even 6 weeks old he was walking on the side of a road I went by stopped a truck went by he ran off the road and fell down a hill in alot of brush. I called for him he was screaming, I reached through the brush and pulled him out he lay-ed his head on my chest and went fast to sleep. I had to bring him home. He is the best dog, follows my 7 yr old son everywhere he goes. They just act like they know they were saved and appreciate it and act as if they never forget it. They are great

  5. because they have been to the depths of hell

  6. I believe they understand when their in trouble, they do have intelligence, we just don’t know how much except from scientific guesses, they know when their scared and left on the street alone or put into a cage without much contact with humans, or dogs for that matter, when I got my Lab she was sitting on death row all by herself, and when they are picked up and hugged and brought into a home where they get a good meal a warm, soft place to sleep, walks with someone they sense won’t leave them, plays with them, and tells them their good, I know my dogs understand, when I give a hug to the 3 and say good girls they stand taller & wag their tails like mad, so I know & they know their home, we’re not talking about training, my greys are hounds, hounds are stubborn, when I ask them to do something they stand there looking like to little deer and then they walk away, but for no reason they will just come stand by me and look up at me being grateful does not mean being able to give their paw, mine destroy nothing poop & pee outside and if someone strange comes to the door I have 3 big dogs standing with me even the greys get off the couch

  7. I don’t know why people keep saying that rescue dogs are grateful. My dog was the sweetest little thing at the shelter but, as soon as we brought her home, she turned into Psycho Pup. She was fine with house training but, very difficult to train in every other way. Luckily, she has a good temperament, or she would have been gone.

  8. Dogs have been part of human life for longer than any other animal. The many varied species prove that. I think over time, dogs have learned that their fates are tied with ours. Most dogs, unless they have been horribly treated, respond to kindness. Our dog was a “free” dog from a family that basically lied about how well they took care of her. We found out a month in that she had heartworm and she was terrified of teenage boys and men. Seven years later, she is healthy and beautiful. While still wary of some people, she has brought so much joy to our lives that I cannot imagine a day without her. We have trained her and she doesn’ t destroy things, get in the trash, or do any of the stereotypical dog things. I don’t know if she is so good because she’s afraid we will leave her or because her first owners were just idiots.

  9. Because they’ve been freed from prison! Unless they have been fortunate enough to spend their time looking for a new owner living in a foster home, they will have spent an enormous amount of time in a kennel/run, without a huge amount of one to one time with a human or other dogs – not down to lack of care from the rehoming centre, but sheer lack of time and manpower. When they go into a new home, they are the centre of attention 24/7, and it may be that this is the first time they have felt safe and loved in their entire lives.

    Bear in mind too, that most rescue centres do evaluations on the animals they take in, to ensure that they are fit to be rehomed – not only physically but by temperament too – so any dogs that have severe behavioural issues aren’t normally up for rehoming – so the ones that do get rehomed are generally the ones most likely to appreciate it instantly!

  10. Lillian's Human

    They aren’t. They are just as grateful as a breeder dog.

    They only know that they love you, and that’s enough for me, regardless of where my dog came from.

    My oldest dog, Star, came from the shelter. She was rejected by her siblings and had some vision issues. Every time she’s in a place smelling or looking like a shelter, she cowers in fear. I know she remembers, but I can’t be sure if she’s “grateful”.

    They have no idea they were on death row.

  11. Dachshunds are Pawfect™

    Hmm, maybe it’s the fact you have saved their life from a lonely shelter possibly facing euthanasia?!

  12. If you were homeless, hungery, and unloved, and someone took you in and gave you a warm, comfortable home, good food, and lots of hugs, you would be very grateful, too.

  13. Because you are rescuing them from being euthanized and hopefully putting them in a good home.

  14. think about if you were in their situation if someone locked you up and kept you in a kennel after you had a bad life possible wouldnt you be grateful to the person who let you out and gave you a good life?

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