Why is there so much hatred torwards the pet stores and “BYB’S”?

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Question by Percy H: Why is there so much hatred torwards the pet stores and “BYB’S”?
Every time someone ask a question like, “Wheres a good pet store to by a dog?” They get dozens of answers to the affect “Don’t buy from a puppy mill, go to a shelter” or “don’t by from a BYB, buy from a shelter.” Aren’t the dogs that end up in a shelter FROM backyard breeders, or FROM puppy mills? So we are condemning dogs now because of where they are born? I don’t condone puppy mills nor do I condone people breeding dogs that have no idea what they are doing, but for so many people answering these questions claiming to be “pro dog” don’t you think its a little hypocritical to BE pro dog but against dogs from pet stores or puppy mills or back yard breeders?
This question was to get a general understanding of what other people thought of puppy mills, and backyard breeding. PLEASE don’t take me asking this question as a sign that I either support or condone either of these practices because I don’t.
Dog addict… Don’t you think these dogs deserve good homes though? Its a terrible business, bybing and puppy milling, but letting hundreds of dogs die just to prove how wrong it is to support puppy milling is wrong too.

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Answer by Judgerz (has Rockband)
Puppy millers and BYBs will CONTINUE to breed dogs if you purchase from them. The money is cycled into more and more dogs. Instead, by rescuing one of their dogs that has been disowned, you save a life rather than support the vicious cycle.

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  1. It’s not the dogs we are against, it’s the irresponsible breeding of those dogs just to make a quick buck! Or because you couldn’t be bothered to get your pet spayed!
    No thought is given to the compatibility, temperament or health of the pair.
    Most Pet stores don’t care where the dogs are from as long as they make a profit. They and the irresponsible breeders don’t care whether the dog is a suitable breed for the owner or their lifestyle either and rarely even ask if you know how big the adult will be. Half the time the store staff don’t even know what breed they are selling!
    Pet stores in the UK don’t sell Puppies and Kittens but we still have problems as there are as many irresponsible buyers as there are sellers. Some people don’t know or care where their pup was born either, all they care about is how cute it is!
    However you look at it, buying from those sources encourages these breeders to produce even more and even more will end up abandoned and neglected!

    I actually enjoy the challenge a ‘rescued’ dog can present and all my dogs and most of my cats have been from shelters or Breed specific rescue societies.
    The one in my avatar is a rescued puppy farm breeding animal and as much as I love her, she should never have been bred from, she was far too young and her hip score too high.
    I do however advocate choosing the breed carefully and then looking for the best breeder or rescuer you can.
    Unless you are strong willed in stores and shelters it’s too easy to fall for the wrong cute bundle of fur. I know as I once fell for the most adorable pup who looked every inch a Black Retriever. That’s also what the shelter thought they were! However Mum or Dad must have been Irish Wolf Hound. He was definately a Lurcher and I’m only small. I looked like I was walking a horse!

  2. I prefer to find a dog in a shelter, but for some ppl, whether they be uneducated/lazy/whatever the case may be chose to buy from pet stores and such. While this may ‘support’ the backyard breeders and puppy mills, those dogs deserve good homes too, and I don’t exactly think it is a big deal if a responsible person wants to breed ‘pet quality’ puppies as long as they are well looked after. I am a huge advocate for getting animals spayed and neutered, but by not buying puppies in pet stores who is suffering? The puppy. It did not choose how it came into this world, the fact is it’s here and every puppy deserves a loving home.

  3. Like everyone has said-b/c you are directly supporting the bad…but from getting from a shelter-you are in no way supporting the BYB’s and Puppy Mills.
    and what most people dont know. is that some people try and buy every puppy from every petstore to save them. and it ends up like this:

    this lady started out by trying to ‘rescue’ puppies from pet stores. and from people who didnt want the pets they got from petstores. b/c she felt bad for the puppies in there.
    but she got overwhelmed with it and eventually didn’t have the resources she needed to take care of them. her heart was in the right place. but things got out of hand.
    so with pet stores (who get from BYB’s and Puppy Mills) being open…some people attempt to ‘save’ all of the puppies from them. and things like this happen.

    that was one of the hardest periods of my life. seeing those animals.seeing that happen. washing their own feces off of them. the dog animal I helped (and most of these dogs had never walked on grass) I had to carry out to the grass, let him relieve himself. then pick him back up and take him to where the vet was. when I set him down. one of his wounds had gotten bloody puss…all over me. And that was one of the healthiest animals. there were dead animals all over that residence.
    but thanks to the people (like me) who helped out in this situation…all of those animals (but not all of the cats) got adopted in one day. ALL of those animals went to good homes. but thats just one situation like that. there are tons everywhere. we just dont find out.

    so like I said. pet stores do that. and its NOT pretty

  4. Because pet stores buy their animals from puppy mills and dont always have the best intrest of the animal in mind. I know a vet who rescuesd a dog after the pet store bought him in and he was sick and his vet bills were going to be higher than the price he could be sold for so they wanted to put him down. That seems really cruel and shows no regard for life. As for BYB it depends on the breeder. Some are incredibly resposible and others are not. I dont think anyone is against the animals themselves but tehy are agaisnt the business prectice of the compnays and by purchasing the animal from theses business you are support their practices. If no one bought from the pet store they would either have to stop selling or change the way they run their business. Which in turn would hopefully affect the puppy mills, and how they opperate their business.

  5. •Kansas• •Girl•

    I AM very pro-dog.

    That’s why we ARE against these places. They often treat the dogs horribly, dont health test, often they die early or have horrible complications. It’s sad–why support it?

    Sure, shelter dogs come from unsavory places. But when adopting a shelter dog, you ARENT supporting the BYBs and puppy millers–by supporting them you line their pockets (which is what they want) to allow them to continue to treat dogs this way.

    And as an example, I was watching an animal cops show on animal planet, and they busted a puppy mill. There were puppies in cages (at LEAST 5 to a cage), they were malnourished, and get this–they were in a shed with NO ventilation-and they were in Flordia. You can bet it was hot-the people couldnt even be in there for 5 minutes without getting sweaty and needing water.

    There were more dogs in other places, and a bunch of the puppies died–some were even dead in the cages, most were sick. And this was just ONE puppy mill–there are still millions more.

    Why would you want to support this?

  6. ~ When you buy from a pet store you are supporting BYB and puppy mills.

    When you get the dog that was from the puppy store from a rescue you are supporting the shelter/rescue. Its about what you support and where your money goes. Eventually, enough people STOP buying from BYB and Puppy Mills, they will be history. I know that is wishful thinking but ONLY because people like you and others don’t see the problem in buying from pet stores. I know it is sad to let the puppy sit in the store and you want to buy it and give it a good home, but every time someone does another one takes it’s place and you can never buy all the puppies from the pet store. The places these puppies come from would make you ill and it is better to shut them down then to keep buying from them just to “save” one puppy that is in a pet store.

  7. If you buy from a BYB, you are supporting their pocket book– and encouraging them to breed more for money!!!

    IF NO ONE buys from a BYB, then the dogs go to a shelter, someone adopts a loving pet, and the BYB is out money– and will stop breeding.

    I learned the hard way about this!!! I bought my purebred from a BYB, and she only lived for ONE YEAR with major genetic problems. If I’d gotten the same dog from a shelter, I would have paid a cheaper price, the shelter would have had her vaccinations and spay done for me, and the irresponsible BYB would be out money. BUT it would still have been okay.

    ADD– I hope you understand now! Thanks.

  8. Is this some sort of conspiracy by puppy mills to try to muddle the issue???

    Nobody condems the dogs – they are the innocent victims, you can’t not grasp what the problem is – that these sort of horroribe breeders are permitted to torture and neglect dogs is the issue.
    Anybody who enriches them is participating in animal abuse – what is there to be hypocritical about??

    Would anyone with a conscience sanction the abuse that goes on in puppy mills??

  9. Most pet stores get there puppies from either puppy mills and or commercial breeders as there are constantly puppies being born.

    Just about any pet store will buy puppies from a BYB that couldn’t sell their puppies out of the local newspaper. They probably pay 1/2 of what they’d sell the pup for, and have NO clue what the parents look like or what health issues the parents might have. No idea if the parents are anything close to what they should be…..

    So, in a nutshell, just like a BYB, it’s all about the money and the hell with potential health problems that might have been passed on by the parents!

    ADDITION: I don’t think anyone is against adopting from a shelter or rescue.

    I will use myself as an example: I have doberman pinschers, I know what lines my dogs come from, they have been thoroughly health tested and I know the potential health issues that do or don’t run in the lines I have. I like Confirmation, it can’t be done with a Pound Puppy or Rescue. I have been involved with Doberman Rescue for nearly 8 yrs and have fostered several that were just cast aside like an old toy, so……….. I do and have seen the repercussions of greeders placing dogs with anyone that flashes a few bucks.

  10. I am not against adopting dogs from shelter and rescue that are originally from BYBs and Puppymills. What I am against, is going to BYBs and pet stores (pet stores get their pups to sell from puppy mills) and pay those people for a puppy and in essence, support their unethical and questionable breeding practices.

    I am pro dogs, but I am entirely against purchasing one from any BYBs or puppymills.

  11. Not at all hypocritical. Good breeders ensure the mothers are well treated, the conditions the mothers and babies are in are clean and well maintained and most of all, the animals are loved.

    BYB’s and puppymills keep the females constantly pregnant, do not care about their health, treat them like machines, are usually filthy and they are not cared for in any way. The entire goal is to pump out babies because so many people want something cute to buy.

    I encourage you to check out the latest expose that they did on the Oprah show regarding this. The info is not new but for some reason, so many people like yourself are confused about this situation.

    In short breeders love their animals, look after them and ensure any animal that is not in perfect health and temperment is not bred. Any animal that does not live up to those standards are willingly taken back. BYB’s and puppymills are only in it for the money. The animals health and conditions are not an issue, just producing something small and cute for top dollar and they take no responsibility for them.

  12. I understand exactly what you’re saying. I have all 3 pet store/private breeder/ and rescue… I never walked into a pet store thinking I’d end up with a dog I just feel in love and wanted to help. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with buying from there because you are rescuing the animals that are locked into little tiny crates and giving the a better life… I think people can buy animals from where ever they want and should not be criticized for it… AS LONG AS THEY KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING!

  13. Fluttering Leaves

    The difference is:

    buy from a petstore or a bad BYB = giving money to support it. Process continues forever.

    buy from a pound = no benefit to the BYB or the puppy mill. Eventually they shut down because there is no profit to it.

  14. The only way to stop unethical breeders is to stop buying from them! If they didnt make money, then they wouldnt continue to breed! When you buy a pup from there, you could have saved a life and adopted instead.

    I am not against the dogs from those places.. I am against the idea of supporting these people!

    We euthanize thousands of dogs daily in this country. Only because of lack of homes. There is NO excuse to buy from an irresponsible breeder.

  15. Dachshunds are Pawfect™

    Because by buying from stores, it will carry on the disgusting cruel industry. Even if some stores do not have puppy mill dogs it is not worth the risk, and by adopting a dog it is helping shelters.

  16. Hypocritical? Not at all.
    Buying directly from the source is putting money in the WRONG hands and supporting BYBing and puppymilling practices. Getting a dog from a shelter or rescue group is not benefiting the PM or BYBer at all. Common sense, Buddy.

  17. Your not giving your money to the BYB’s & pet stores, you are saving a dog and with your contribution you can keep another dog alive till it finds a home

  18. I see where you’re coming from. I guess the point people try to make is that when you buy directly from a Pet Store or puppy mill, you are supporting irresponsible and/or caeless breeding. When adopting from s shelter, even if adopting a pet from a BYB or puppy mill, you are directly supporting them. All pets deserve a forever home.

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