Why Proper Parrot Care is Essential for Your Birds Health

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Drawn in by their engaging personalities, intelligence and beautiful color combinations, people have been adopting parrots into their homes and lives for many generations. When a parrot is introduced to its new owners and home it is imperative that its requirements are completely appreciated from the beginning in order to minize any harm of relocation.

Parrots occur in all shapes and sizes and each variety may demonstrate different tendancies howver all parrots must receive a suitable balanced diet in order to stay healthy. A usual parrot diet should consist of some key food stuffs which include pellets and seed, fresh produce and clean fresh water.

Birds generally are thought of as “dirty” pets to look after but it is really important to keep your parrots cage clean. As well as the birdcage needing regular cleaning, it is of even more consequence to make sure that their water and food recepticals are kept clean each and every day. It is no good cleaning all of the parrots equipment if when doing so the owner has dirty hands themselves as this somewhat defeats the point. When it comes to a parrots cage, the parrot should be able to happily spread its wings fully within the birdcage as well as house at least one perch and various toys.

Parrots can often form very strong bonds with their human owners and families and generally speaking, smaller parrots can live up to 15 to 30 years of age and their larger cousins can often live well past their 60’s, so parrot ownership can mean a lifelong commitment. This means that the birdcage ought to ideally be placed where the owner spends a lot of time when at home.

An extra part of their care routine involves cutting their nails at regular times as they are forever growing. If the nails aren’t taken care of it could result in the parrots toes catching on various items, not being able to pick up food and even problems walking or standing on their perch. They can usually take care of their own beak, especially if their cage has some sand in it where they can grind their beak as they forage for food. A lot of parrot owners like to clip their parrots wings on a regular basis and opposite to popular belief the parrot can still fly but they are limited and it is often done for the saftey of the parrot.

Parrots in the wild utilize rain showers to keep their feathers and plumage in pristine condition and people can mist or bath their birds once a day using fresh clean water from a sprayer or a water bottle.

The more effort and care a person puts into looking after their parrot the more they are blessed with a healthy companion who they can share a lengthy life with.

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