Wiccan’s, Heathens and Pagans, how well do you “research” your gods?


Question by ~Heathen Princess~: Wiccan’s, Heathens and Pagans, how well do you “research” your gods?
I ask this because one of my biggest pet peeves (yes I’m a snob about this I admit it, I was the the same even when I wasn’t Asatru) is when people make wild UPG’s about gods when the Ancestors clearly show otherwise or accept the most random sources as “fact”. When Frigga called me, I sat down and read all I could about her and asked as many people things as I could, yet I have met pagans who just “know” a god with out actually learning anything about them.
So if a god makes themselves known to you, do you learn about them or just roll with it?
ROTFL Frau yes that about sums it up….

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Answer by Drampor
I’m just trying to keep up with my wife, she’s a walking library! I try and find out stuff on the Net as well and I read the books that my beloved leaves in her wake. Frankly I find it daunting at times. Most recently it’s “2500 Gods”, that’s a lot to digest.

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  1. I do quite a bit of reading and research about the deities. That’s what usually leads me to them. Reading the mythology leads me to gods and goddesses I like to work with, rather than the other way around.

  2. LabGrrl Nonatheist

    My UPG was right in line with the communal gnosis of my deity, so what I learned was more verification than anything else.

  3. I guess I take a slightly different view. Yes, I did do some research to enhance my knowledge when I was called. What I learn from researching is great. But, when a God/dess taps would your research make that much difference?

  4. Right now I can only say what I would do if a god/goddess called me – and that is research as much as I could. Right now, for me, Deity has only manifested itself as a duality; nothing further.

    Actually, I’m kind of researching in order to find out if any particular gods/goddesses are calling me and I’m just not recognising it when I experience it. If that makes any sense.

  5. I find inspiration in studying archaeological finds, history, mythology, and the cultures of the peoples who worshiped my Gods. I’m drawn like a magnet and I’m always learning. It’s very important to me to look to credible sources for information. I much prefer translations to re-tellings and see the value of reading various translations of the same thing. I’m most likely to get my information from history books rather than new age books. And yes, I have a considerable library with a LONG want list.

    In part, I see it as one way to honor my Gods. I feel that they know that I make an honest effort even though my memory and eyesight isn’t as good as it once was. I feel that they know that I do it out of love.

    UPG has a place in my path but it is checked against the information that is currently available. I talk with others to see how they feel about it. Sometimes, it is just my brain rambling on by itself. And that’s okay as long as I can see it for what it is. I’m very careful to keep my UPG well distinguished from what we know about the ancient Celts. In other words, I don’t pretend that the ancients believed that way if they didn’t.

    This is a pet peeve of mine also. Once I remember on a Yahoo group someone asked for information about Cernunnos. After I gave some good references, he told me that he’d rather just make it up himself. Grrrr…..slow burn. I don’t care if he makes up a deity but I wish he’d make up a name to go along with it. Of course I understand that people will see deities differently but intellectual laziness irks me.

  6. When so-called gods have made themselves known to me, I try to find out as much as i can from as many different sources and points of view.
    I love studying about older gods. the Hindu ones are a real trip.
    But man, there’s so many, and I can’t always keep them all straight in my head.
    Honestly, Frau, some of you others, I don’t know how you guys do it.
    Fortunately I only have a few that I have the desire to pay real close attention to. It’s thier attributes that keep me the busiest.:)

  7. Research, research, research!

    I live for research! That was the only way I could even tolerate Odin until I learned about him and studied his various aspects. I discovered a depth to the deities that goes well beyond the “myths” that some are accustomed with. Reading the Eddas and looking at the place names throughout the northern Europe and the UK….

    Sorry, I can start rambling on and on about the deities and religion. I find research exciting and I love how UPG is listened to, mulled over and held in a neutral state until someone proves or disproves or so many people have the same UPG that it makes headway into the religion.

    If you say that Thor like chocolate cake, people will say, “Okay, that’s cool. Any proof? Great-great-great-great Aunt Hilde leave a recipe dedicated to him? No, okay, let us known when 50 people say Thor likes chocolate cake.”

  8. I don’t have the ability to talk with the Gods…yet. So I study from various positive sources. IE sources that don’t condemn them.

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