Will there ever come a day when Vets will stop selling bad pet food?

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Question by What.. EVER: Will there ever come a day when Vets will stop selling bad pet food?
It really bothers people who know how bad Hills and Royal Canin prescription food is when a vet sells it and pushes it on pet owners who know no better. Will Vets ever come together and take a stand against these horrible pet “food” companies and refuse to sell it? I know they make 40% profit off the food but they should care more about the health of pets. Don’t people become Vets because they love animals?
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hmm let’s see:
One of Royal Canin’s ingredient list:
ROYAL CANIN Veterinary Diet� canine Hypoalergenic HP 19�
“Rice, soy protein isolate hydrolysate, chicken fat, natural flavors, beet pulp, vegetable oil…”
Those are the top ingredients. What happened to meat?

Presciption Diet D&D:
Potato, Potato Starch, Venison, Potato Protein, Pork Fat , Soybean Oil (preserved with BHA, propyl gallate and citric acid)…”
Pork fat??? BHA?? BHA is BANNED for use in human food because it is a carcinogen(causes cancer).

So how is it that Hills and Royal Canin are good foods??

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Answer by catherine
First of all, the prescription Hills food is actually good, and Royal Canin isn’t that bad, it just depends on what the needs of your dog are.

And the reason they push those foods is because Science Diet pays for many vets to go to school. So no, they won’t stop selling it.

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  1. My local holistic vet sells several good brands of frozen raw diets

  2. Ya I have thought about the same thing. The problem is these prescription brands are the only ones out there the FDA approves for the vets to sell. My vet told me about it. He believes in a holistic diet and gave me a few options: the raw food diet for my cat.(he tried it for awhile but then did not want it anymore), Innova cat food(my vet says this is the highest quality natural food he knows of…my cat ate that for a couple years but can’t have it any more) and then of course nasty Hills and Royal Canin which my cat has to have now. I feel guilty feeding him this but I don’t know of anything else available at this time.

    Unfortunately, from my experience a lot of vets are very traditional and not interested in ‘taking a stand’ or doing things a more natural way. My vet is a rare exception.

  3. I have worked with dogs for many years and have found out of all the dog food that although i do not like Hills it is a hell of alot better than the shit they buy at the supermarket instead. And i have found that Royal Canin is the best food i have ever come across and have fed it to thousands of dogs with always an improvement. My dogs are on royal canin 4800 and junior and they are performance dogs, it is the best food i could possibly feed them. Vets push it because it is alot better than some of the shit people feed their dogs and they see this everyday.

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