WizDog Indoor Dog Potty

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These days, there is such a wide variety of dog supplies and products out there, from toys and treats to outfits and accessories. Some are actually beneficial to our canine companions, whereas others are just silly and made for the dog owners.

I used to think that indoor dog potties belonged to the latter category and were designed for the lazy dog owner who didn’t want to bother housetraining his new pet. I’ve seen a lot of products that were just overpriced paper training devices.

However, I recently came across the Wizdog, which got me thinking about the pros and cons of the indoor canine potty. I must say that I’ve changed my mind since then.

First of all, what’s a Wizdog? The Wizdog is an indoor dog potty composed of an industrial grade plastic tray and a fitted honeycomb grate. It weighs about 3 lbs and measures 21” x 28”. The elimination space is 15.5” x 23.5” to accommodate most daily newspapers, but you can also use pee pads. You place the newspaper under the grate to keep it out of your pet’s reach. Liquid waste goes through the grate to the bottom of the tray, keeping paws dry. To throw away solid waste, just lift and flip the grate.

The Wizdog is ideal for people who live in apartments or those who don’t have easy access to an outdoor area. It isn’t just for apartment dwellers, though. Dog owners who are down with something, disabled, or occasionally need to work long hours will find the Wizdog useful as well. Or maybe your pet can’t go out so much because he’s disabled, ill, or afraid of the neighbor’s cat.

The Wizdog is a great product that delivers what it claims. Of course, you still have to put in the time and effort to housetrain your dog. It’s just there to make the process easier and less frustrating. The Wizdog is normally priced at $49.95, but PetWarehouseDirect.com is currently offering it at the low price of $34.95.

To get your WizDog Indoor Dog Potty, click here.


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