Would you consider this a “rehoming fee” or a byb sale?


Question by nodesignerdogs4me: Would you consider this a “rehoming fee” or a byb sale?
I check craigslist every now and agian for unwanted pet kennels and carriers.
I dont usually look at any of the dog and cat ads.
today I DID.
i am astonished to find that these people are charging “rehoming” or adoption fees for their mutt / purebred puppies on a site meant only for free ads.
Some of them I can understand (ie: rehoming fee of $ 30, spayed and up to date on shots, needs home quick, will supply food and kennel…)
Then there are those who are obviously trying to sell there puppies or make money off of there dog!

piggy” is a 9 week old pitbull puppy. she is very healthy and very active. She loves to play. She has blue eyes but will probably change to green or hazel. Her mom was about 80 pounds and her dad was about 120. Both parents are registered but cant find papers for the mom to register the puppies. She is very beautifuul. If only people will quit deleting this post. my number is- my email is —i’m asking a $ 150 dollar rehoming fee.
dont you think this is sad!?

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Answer by karen
Ridiculous. They are simply avoiding the rules by calling the fee a “rehoming fee”. Basically it is a sale. Backyard breeders will do whatever it takes to make the sale.

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  1. This is not an unusual fee for a rescue group to charge BUT you are getting a dog/puppy that is completely up to date on shots AND has already been spayed or neutered. The idea of that cost to “rehome” is to cover the costs the rescue put out to get the dog where it needed to be before adoption.

    Sounds like a sale ad to me. Cuz I’m sure this pup “might” have shots and nothing more. Pretty sad and definitely a backyard breeder in my opinion.

  2. I feel honestly if the puppy is up to dates on shots, and fixed that $ 150 is reasonable, I paid $ 120 for my puppy at a rescue and he was not fixed. As most shelters are they gave me a voucher to take my pup to a local vet to get him fixed (and yes he is fixed now) but still I feel $ 150.00 is typically fair. It does seem a little odd that they would make sure to point out the fact that the puppy comes from registered parents but you never know accidents can happen, and the parents could be fixed now. Personally I would see $ 250+ for a puppy is unfair and a sale price not adoption or rehoming fee.

  3. Craigslist does not allow the “sale” of animals, so people will use the term “rehoming fee” to get around it. $ 150 is probably not too much to ask for this puppy IF it has been dewormed, dewclaws removed, spayed or neutered, had its shots, etc.

    Shelter adoption fees tend to be inexpensive as generally no medicals have been taken care of, with the exception of most giving boosters and spaying and neutering.

    Rehoming fees in rescues vary from rescue to rescue, breed to breed. The absolute minimum rehoming fee I know of is $ 95 and it can go up to over $ 500. Rehoming fees for rescued dogs help with the financial burden of some of the veterinary care that has been given, but more than likely doesn’t come close.

    In the rescue I recently volunteered with, we had several $ 2000 + dogs who were adopted with the standard $ 95 rehoming fee. The average amount of money put into each dog was between $ 500 and $ 1000.

  4. Yes, my local craigslist has that, too, and there is a zealot reporting each post there because it is not meeting the guidelines. The reason they use the word “rehoming” is because of craigslist guidelines, but they are BYB. I love the guy who posts in my area, he nails every single ad with his own post and say he is reporting it, get out of the backyard breeding business, etc. etc. etc. Report the ones you see, creeps who breed don’t deserve the benefit of free advertising on top of all the evil they are visiting upon the world with their sloppy breeding habits.

  5. The mentioning of the “purebred” makes it seem like a byb.

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