Yahoo is not allowing me to post my source?

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Question by HoosierDog: Yahoo is not allowing me to post my source?
I have been using as a source to answer a lot of pet health questions. For some reason now Ya is blocking me with a 999 error.

In the community guidelines it states “If you have years of experience in something, have a special hobby, own your own business, or if you are a knowledge partner, it’s OK to accompany a good, on-topic answer with a link to your website, blog, or email to offer more information.”

All the answers I provided have been viewed by the community as very helpful. Has yahoo black listed this source? Is there anything that can be done?

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Answer by Bleeding Hearts
Repeatedly posting a single link like that will often generate that error. This is a temporary placed ‘anti-spam’ block. They recommend that you do not post it to EVERY question (to avoid this situation) or that you post it to your PROFILE and perhaps add a reference in the source stating that those wishing further information can check the link in your profile.

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  1. There is a problem loading http addresses from time to time, I haven’t noticed it today.

    If using web addresses make sure you send the person to the page. You can’t just send them to the petwave site and have them search for their own answer.

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