Your Thoughts On These Name “Rules?”?


Question by ☆ℓαυяєη☆ ‘էἶʂ էհε ʂεმʂօղ: Your Thoughts On These Name “Rules?”?
So, this is an article I found one rules that someone says will help you find the “perfect” baby name. I would like to hear your thoughts on it. And based one what it says what would be you perfect baby boy and girl name?

Rule #1. Uniqueness:
Having a unique name, may make your child stand out of the crowd. It is always good to feel “special”… Not being one of the several “Johns” or “Taylors” in the classroom. The downside is that “invented” or unusual names may be mispronounced or misspelled by others most of the time. And this could be frustrating for the child.

To resolve this dilemma, you can balance an unusual surname by a more popular first name. For example, a name like “Kyle Minkowsky” may be preferable to “Regenweald Minkowsky”.

On the other hand, you could balance a common surname by a creative first name, say, “Eleonora Smith” rather than “Jessica Smith”.

Rule #2. The Rhythm of a Name:
How your baby’s name sounds is very important. Before you go any further, try to say it aloud with the middle name you are considering and your surname too. The full name should be sweet to the ears with no harshness. Please, don’t get me wrong, what I am trying to say here, is that your baby’s name should be fluent.
You can achieve that if you keep in mind the following tips:

* Balance a short surname with a longer firstname, and vice versa. There is no good if it takes your child five minutes to write out their full name!
e.g. “Jake Huntington” or “Elisabeth Wood” are fine examples.

* Avoid names that end with the same letter as your surname begins. I will try to illustrate this second rule here: The following names tend to merge together:
“Alexis Smith”, “Erik Kramer” or “Jarod Deals”

Rule #3. Alliteration:
Alliteration brings a kind of fine “decoration” to the baby’s name. If used properly, it is a combination of letters that make the name easier to say and to remember.
e.g. “Len Livingstone”, “Opal Ohara” or “Jerry Johnson”.

Rule #4. Meaning of the Name:
At this level of the search, you should find out the meaning of the name you are considering. It is always gratifying to know that your baby’s name means: Love, hope, joy, life, tolerance, peace…

Rule #5. Check the Initials:
Once you have an idea for the baby’s name, always check the initials! While the full name may sound pretty, the initials may bring some surprise!
Imagine the feeling of a child who grows up and realizes that their initials are: “N.I.L.”, “Z.I.P.” or “S.A.D.”

In order to avoid such embarassment for the child, check the initials before you make your decision. You will be glad you did.

Rule #6. Nickname:
Make sure you like the pet forms of your baby’s name. e.g. If you plan to name your baby boy: Richard, then expect him to be called also: Rick. So, if you don’t like this shortened name, you may reconsider your decision.

What are your real perfect names(On you list)?
Do you agree/disagree with these “rules?”

Thanks for Answering.

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I give “кαтιє♥ {ℓιℓαн’ѕ αℓмσѕт нєяє}” credit for this question idea because of her question that said name regulations around the world. Though the questions are not extremely similar, she gave me the idea. Thanks.

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Answer by teallover88
man. i love these rules! they r great!

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4 comments on “Your Thoughts On These Name “Rules?”?

  1. 1. i agree, i think names should be unique but not made up (i fell that way because there were at least two other Morgans in each of my classes in school)
    2. i agree with all of that, i think the rhythm of a first name is very important (in addition, i also think that the first, middle, or last names shouldn’t end or begin with the same letter — ex: Monica Marie, Lilah Maria)
    3. DISAGREE… i just said this above but i hate it when the names start in the same letter, it doesn’t bring decoration, it makes them sound like a rhyme
    4. i think the meaning of a name is important to an extent… i don’t necessarily think it has to mean something like “precious gift” but it shouldn’t mean something like “Cruel Villain” (for instance: my first name means “by the sea” and my middle name means “white wave” so it makes sense but doesn’t have to be over the top)
    5. i agree… i would never want my child’s initials to spell R.I.P. or A.S.S. or something
    6. i think you should definitely pay attention but there are also ways to get around it… for ex. if a child named Nicole has been going by Colie from the time she was born, she will most likely just correct people if they call her Nikki

    My fitting names:
    Boy- Griffin Thomas “Griff”
    Girl- Cora Laine

  2. sαяαh αshℓєч

    Rule 1: Garbage. My name is the third most common name in the year I was born, so of course there are several others by my name I know of. It is slightly annoying to be confused for others, yes, but not the end of the world. Then again, there is a difference betwen choosing an uncommon name and something yewneekh. A lot of people, I’ve noticed, just don’t understand the difference between something uncommon and unpronounceable. Uncommon is fine, as long as the name is still appealing. The rule didn’t exactly clarify, and because of people I’ve seen (mostly on Y!A, honestly) wanting something “unique” and meaning Eleckzandyr, I’ve come to dislike the term unique. Uncommon is fine, though- it does imply a more traditional, albeit underused name.

    2: This is one I absolutely agree with. I constantly reject names because of how badly they flow. It does need to sound nice; it’s something the child will be hearing their whole life (Yes, full name first-middle-last isn’t often used, but when it is, it shouldn’t be something awkward to say and hear.)

    3: I hate alliteration. It doesn’t sound right to me- personally, I think it throws off the flow of the name, and therefore contradicts the second rule.

    4: Not everybody cares about the meaning; I don’t. Knowing that the name DOES mean something beautiful like love IS “gratifying,” as the article states, but not something I look especially for. Meanings only make me like the name more; I don’t dislike a name due to a bad meaning and I don’t like a name specifically for a meaning. Nobody is going to hear your child’s name, go “Hmm, I wonder what that means?” look it up, then berate you for naming your child “crooked nose” or something. Few people know the meanings offhand, and yes, meaning may be something personal to the parents, but I don’t find it to be necessary.

    5: How often will the child go by their initials? Even less than they will by their full name. My friends dad wanted her middle name to be Sally just so her initials would be A.S.S. Yeah, in that case, I can understand nixing the name. But just N.I.L. or S.A.D. wouldn’t be that big of a deal to me. If I had those initials I would just make a joke out of it. It may mean less embroidered backpacks or blankets with the initials, but so what?

    6. I don’t really agree with it. If you just don’t really like the nickname Rick, you don’t have to call your child that. Ask your family and friends to call him Richard or something based off of the child himself. As he gets older he can choose his *own* nickname; the kid doesn’t get to choose his name, at least give him a nickname he can choose from. If the nickname is just something you absolutely CANNOT STAND, then yeah, go ahead and reconsider. But if it’s just a matter of you *preferring* the full to the shortened (not absolutely despising the shortened,) then why throw out a name you love?

  3. great rules, except for alliteration. i would never name a child like this. it looks and sounds ugly.

  4. 1 I believe myself that uniquenes is very important. But its YOUR child, and he is unique to you no matter what.
    #2 I think sound is important as well, you don’t want it to sound ridiculous ! But avoiding the last letters seems pointless. And so does making one name long and one short, but you don’t want them to sit for 20 minutes to write there name!
    #3 Not so much agreeing with this either… but its nice to think about the initials.
    #4 Im a big believer of the name having a meaning, but if you see something you like that doesn’t have a particular meaning I wouldn’t let this stop you…
    #5 I believe the initials can have an affect, a girl I went to middle schools initials were STD, they constantly made fun of her, I bet she would appreciate that rule!

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