zhu zhu toy pet hamsters.

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www.cool-christmas-gifts.net One of the hottest toys for the 2009 season is The Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster. But, what are they? They are soft, cute, and cuddly hamsters that run on batteries. Giving children the fun of having a hamster, without having the mess of a real one. Four hamster are currently available Chunk (white) is an easy-going surfer who likes to lay back and hang out. NumNums (grey), as the name implies, enjoys snacking as well as a friendly cuddle. Pipsqueak (yellow) is the bold one of the bunch. Squiggles (brown) has more of the “been there, done that” attitude. Regardless of the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster you select, your kids are sure to love their interactive toy pets. Each one has two separate behavior modes. Explore mode lets you play with and watch your hamster display its unique personality as it interacts with their environment. Loving Mode gives you time to pet and cuddle your hamster or smile along as they squeak and coo. Similar to the real thing, Zhu Zhu pet hamsters scamper and scoot around randomly, bringing hours of pleasure to the owner. Additionally, you can choose from several different Hamster Habitats for the pet hamster. Remember, each Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster will interact with the habitat in its unique way. The collectible habitats add a whole new level of fun, making then seem even more real! While they are fun on their own, the habitats let you and your pet do even more together. Having more than one pet makes for even more fun. You never quite

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  1. wow cuel

  2. the yellow & white one with a ball is FAKE

  3. do you mean the yellow think on the bottom?

  4. the one on 1:34

  5. its real i hav it in real life its just tht it is not a zhu zhu pet its called hamsuta, google it

  6. I meant it is not a zhu zhu pet that is why I call it fake

  7. hamusta is not a zhu zhu pet i know i have one

  8. The1superbeatlefreak

    i have a zhu zhu pet. its gray.

  9. my sister toy like that is called roll and stroll pet it is very nice it has a ball he/she can run


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