Darwins Dog Food Review Part 1


The K9 Inspectors got their first shipment of Darwins’s dog food today. We really enjoyed the fact that the delivery van was clearly marked. They dropped it off on the front porch in wonderful styrofoam coolers that can be reused. (love that) Delivery was free (love that more!). Inside the containers were 60 lbs of individually wrapped 2 lb bags of raw dog food in Turkey & Vegtables, Beef & Vegtables and Chicken & Vegetables as well as 4 duck necks. We will let the food thaw out as needed over night in the refrigerator and we will check back in when it’s ready to present to the K9Inspectors. To have your dog products reviewed, please contact [email protected] We inspect durable pet toys and put them through the ultimate test and post them to our following on facebook.com Twitter.com and here on this K9Inspectors YouTube channel.
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  1. You video keeps freezing.

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