I just got a unicorn as a pet ! wat should i feed it and how to take care of it ?


Question by : I just got a unicorn as a pet ! wat should i feed it and how to take care of it ?
ok so i got the basics the glitter and the music video “blow” by kesha now wat should i do ?

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Answer by The Ghost of Harrison
Unicorns drink only orphan tears and eat only four leaf clovers and pixie dust.

They also like to have their horns polished.

Beware the magical unicorn mayonaisse!

Danni502: I think you’re just upset because you just learned where butterflies come from. Hang around long enough, you may leartn where babies come from, and how sheep spleens can be used to predict earthquakes.

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17 comments on “I just got a unicorn as a pet ! wat should i feed it and how to take care of it ?

  1. Rainbow hay is a diet staple, without it a unicorn would die. And also, they only drink Jack Daniels.

  2. Nicole Danielle

    Maybe you should give it champagne, like Ke$ ha does in the video “Blow”
    Where did you get a unicorn, I couldn’t find one at Wal-Mart and I even checked ebay.. :/

  3. Now you should make sure none of your neighbors have pet dragons

  4. ♥Pony Girl♥

    I think lucky charms should be given to them. When u polish it’s horns makesure. You do it twice ( I mean who wants Un-Gleamy horns?)

    Dani502;what’s Ur problem it’s called sarcasm and joking, I think your the one with no life, posting on here telling us what to do, grow up!

  5. Megan Brumbill

    That is an interesting question. I once had a unicorn that ate rainbows and pooped out butterflys. You can feed rainbows and magic. Also, unicorns are VERY low maintnence. WARNING!! Unicorn don’t like to be ridden. I tryed to ride mine bareback but I got bucked off. Be careful with your unicorn and love him no matter what. GOOD LUCK!!

  6. k so i rofled at all of this, best troll ever :p

  7. Actually, Unicorns thrive on a diet of jet puffed strawberry marshmallows. As with other equids, feed to body condition. You don’t want your Unicorn to get too heavy.

  8. Don’t forget your unicorn will require at least half a gold-bar for dinner every night. Otherwise it will turn into a regular horse.

  9. Don’t listen to these morons. Everyone knows the best feed for unicorns is Lucky Charms. See, when a unicorn is not fed properly it will turn into a troll devouring monster because it will suffer from a magic deficiency. Since Lucky Charms contain the souls of baby pokemon and ground up narwhal, along with chopped off leprechaun toes, it is -extremely- high in magic.
    The glitter from the video is good, make sure it watches it at least 4 times a day.
    Edit: Also, I have recently stumbled across a new study that proved allowing your unicorn to eat the souls of politicians (Yes, I know very hard to find) will improve the coat of the unicorn and the sparkles on the horn.

  10. “‘blow’ by kesha” LOL

  11. Hahahaha nice …

  12. I feed my unicorn rainbows, although when they eat this they poop butterflies which are kind of hard to clean up after. He also enjoys being brushed with clouds and playing with the local dragons.

    Dani502- Yes, in fact I have a life. And I am enjoying it quite well. Please refrain from b*tching to me. 😉 I’m sure you wouldn’t enjoy my bad side. I mean, I might have to sick my dragons on you for being a fun sucker. You can grow up, but please allow us to continue our fun.

  13. ✰Amore per Cavalli


  14. Actually, Camelot’s school of wizardry found that the four leaf clovers are causing problems in the horn’s effectiveness. They suggest moonlight mixed with fairy-tended flours to balance it.

  15. The Good, The Bad, and the Ginny

    Thanks for the points 🙂 x

  16. Alaethea Sanders

    Unicorns are particularly brutal beasts and require a regular supplement of innocent souls garnished with the tears of children and maidens.
    You must worship it every morning at daybreak or it shall become angry and smite everyone’s water supply. It desires to sleep on a fluffy bed of rainbows and sunshine (you can keep these in using dragon skins).
    ps. Unicorns hate Kesha as she does not pay them tribute.

  17. Lmao u are weird

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