Looking for a great photo “shopping” or editing software or website?

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Question by koinoi: Looking for a great photo “shopping” or editing software or website?
I want to creat a picture of all of our pets in one picture with some kind of photo shop or editing program or software. I want one with lots of options and user friendly. Any ideas?
I did already ask this question but posted in a different area and thought I would try here too. Thank you.

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Dallas sucks

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  1. Photoshop combined with dreamweaver works good. Or you could make a flash site with flash.

    For noobs, there is probably more noob friendly software out there but I dont know the names.

  2. the gimp is powerful and free.
    It is similar in capabilities to Photoshop and has lots of options


  3. Well, there’s always Photoshop…but it’s not cheap.

    This is free…


  4. la madre de quattro

    Well, the best possible choice is always going to be Adobe. Nothing beats Adobe. However, this program runs you about $ 700 and still about $ 450 if you have a student discount. I love adobe but still really enjoy using Microsoft Picture it. It is a user friendly program and has great printing options. It is much more cost efficient if you are not going professional routes but still has a great result on your pictures. Goodluck shopping!.

  5. Try photoshop or if you want something free try graphic converter.

  6. Try youtube Search in free sony vegas. I HEARD its great . But, its the best of the best

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