My dog won’t eat her food? I think she might not like it?


Question by XxKarToonxX: My dog won’t eat her food? I think she might not like it?
Kay, I know this is a long one, but if you’re a pet owner, I’m sure you’ll understand!

I have a Pekingese, she’s about 13 years old. It’s been a couple years that she’s being picky eater! I try to switch brands and flavors each time I buy her food, but she always ends up leaving half of it there! She always leave the light and dark brown bits of her dry dog food. I always end up throwing away the bits she won’t eat. Yesterday, she was out of food so I went to the store and bought her a bag of Kibble ‘n Bits Homestyle Chicken dog food. I got her one of the big bags; and when I got home and filled her bowl, she refused to eat it. I know for a fact that she was hungry because her bowl had been empty since I got home from school and my mom hadn’t noticed she was out of food. I was previously feeding her the same dog food but Homestyle Beef flavor and I thought I’d change it up for her. She hasn’t touched her dry food since yesterday and all she’s eaten is half a can of Pedigree Chopped Beef wet food…She’s actually also very picky about wet canned food too! I think Chopped Beef flavor is the only one she eats!

Here’s some other info about my dog:
– Other than human food, as far as I know, she doesn’t have allergies…although I think those Beggin’ Strips bacon treats are as bad as human food is for her!
– She’s had many different brands of dry dog foods before; mainly Purina, I think.
– I think she became a picky eater when we went on vacation to Mexico one year. I don’t know what kind of food we bought her there after she finished her dog food from home…that was years ago though, could that still have anything to do with this now?
– She doesn’t have any scheduled times to eat. Her food is there in her bowl, changed constantly, and covered when we know for a fact that she won’t be eating.
– She’s used to eating around others, her food and water bowls are near the kitchen, so privacy and distractions are generally not a problem for her.
– We don’t give her human food (she has “allergies” to that and her skin tends to like open up & can get infected…it’ll look like a really bad scrape, she’ll scratch at it a lot, and it really seems painful for her. She’s been given meds for this about 3 times already. One of her vets said that since she had it once, she’ll most likely keep getting it.)
– She does, however, always hang around the kitchen, especially when we’re cooking, to see what she can pick up. Or my little brother sometimes leaves things lying around. but this isn’t a constant problem.
– She has boiled chicken and boiled rice mixed together as a kind of special food. One time she got very sick (whole other long story) and nearly died. After she got better, the vet told us to give her boiled chicken and rice to encourage her to eat. But it’s really rare if she does eat this since my mom doesn’t make it for her too often. So i don’t think she’s distracted with that..

….I think that’s it…Again, I’m really sorry this is SO long but I’m really worried because she hasn’t eaten well in nearly 3 days! I appreciate all suggestions,,,as long as they’re not dumb. lol
Please and thanks! 🙂

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Answer by Wakada
You may think it is bad for your dog to eat the same food for its entire life, but it is important for it to have a steady diet, so STOP buying different food each time you are at the store. Your dog is in its later years of life, make one last switch to a dog food for elderly dogs, it doesn’t need as much protein as it did earlier in life.

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  1. Switch her to a better diet. Kibbles n bits and purina foods are crappy. Most dog LOVE raw diets so you can try that. Do lots of reasearch first.
    Some good quality kibbles you can try are, wellness core, merrick, blue buffalo, taste of the wild, solid gold, by nature, canidae, orijen, timber wolf and natural balance.

  2. If you want to try changing food try merrick dog food its really good and it has wholesome ingredient without artificial preservative and dog loves the flavor. they are not really famous but their ingredient are really good, they even use organic chicken on some of their product
    here’s the link
    other methods:
    try putting a little bit of warm water to his food and mix it or try adding a little bit of rice/maccaroni or chicken or both. or you can also try to put a little bit of a no sodium low fat warm chicken broth..
    put his food for 30 min, if he doesn’t eat, take it and give it to him again on his next meal schedule do the same 30 min rule. he will not let himself starve to death. he will eat it eventually. but make sure water is available at all times. if he becomes lethargic or doesn’t eat for more than a day take him to a vet.
    you can also try to give dog gravy(make it yourself or buy at store, to make it first soak your dog’s kibble until its really soft that you can squish it with your hand easily,then drain it by squeezing the water out( keep the leftover water, you will need it later) and put it in a bowl then mix it with cheese you can add carrots and chicken too but put them in the food processor first.combine them thoroughly then put it on low heat just until all the cheese melts( when all the stuff sticks together and theres no crumble then its ready) put it back on the left over water that was used to soak the kibble and squish it with your hand until it has a gravy consistency add more hot water if its too lumpy, you can also add a little bit of low fat low sodium chicken broth in the mixture (this recipe is copyrighted))
    put the gravy on your dog dry kibble and mix it. i put these on the food that my dog didn’t eat and they loved it, they will lick the bowl clean and ask for more.
    refrigerate the rest. and i would recommend to use this within a week.
    hope this helps.
    good luck

  3. Sweetie, she’s picky because you have allowed her to be. You’re switching her food too often and feeding her horrible quality food. She shouldn’t be allergic to human food, but to all the junk and fillers in grocery store food.

    Dogs are into self preservation. They don’t just starve themselves. If you show her that you won’t budge on her food, she will eat it. Too often, dogs learn that if they turn their nose up at something, they get rewarded with something else.

    Pick ONE brand and stick to it. Nothing from the grocery store.

    Here is a list of recommended brands:

    And an article if you’re interested on why they are better brands:

    You won’t find any of those brands at the grocery store. Also, instead of free feeding, I recommend feeding her twice a day. She’ll eat better that way. You measure it out, put it down and give her ten minutes to eat it. Pick it up even if she hasn’t taken a bite. Then she gets the same exact kibble that evening. Again, down for ten minutes then back up again.

    Don’t allow her to be a picky eater. It’s not good for her, especially at her age. She’s very, very lucky to have you. Look how concerned you are about her!

  4. Try mixing in some broth (beef or chicken) into the dry food. After a while, slowly decrease the amount added or just keep adding to it.

    In the future, it is a good idea to keep the food consistent. If you do need to change, mix a little bit of the new food with the old food. slowly increase the ratio of the new food.

  5. Try a food that isn’t “grocery store basic”. If human food bothers her, it’s probably a chicken or beef allergy that dogs are prone to.

    A lot of grocery store foods contain dyes. (The different colored pieces.) A lot of dogs are also sensitive to these dyes. Try a premium or natural food like Natural Balance, Nutro, Wellness, Blue Buffalo, etc.

  6. Lovin life in Colorado

    I’d try only setting her food down for 10-15 minutes at a time, maybe 3 times a day. Let her know that “here’s you food, if you don’t want it it gets put back up”.

  7. *Save shelter dog's*

    raw diet

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