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Do pets and other animals have emotions? Some scientist say no. What do you think?
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  1. westphalianprinz

    Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson is a really interesting writer. His book on dogs is one of the best books I’ve read in my life. He now lives in New Zealand on a subtropical beach.

  2. The notion that other animals don’t have thoughts and emotions would never have been possible without the profound disconnect from nature that this culture has imposed upon people.

  3. We don’t want to know about the emotions of animals – then we would have a much harder time eating them, using them, abusing them, and profiting from them. Even those who think they love them are happy to deprive them of a life among their own species, with their own families, and in the habitat that is natural to them.

  4. DamiansChannel

    I think, we think, some animals have more emotions than others. Most people would think that a Dog is smarter and has more Emotion than most other animals. Most people don’t look at Cows or Cattle as having Emotion. That’s possibly the way we get around the problem of Killing and Eating those sort of animals. Then again, If you find someone who has had a Cow for a Pet, they’d probably Disagree.

  5. That anxiety is not necessary– if they worked with her and started teaching her to crate up, gave her more leadership–basically, trained her– she could probably be fine with this. Her issue isn’t normal emotional, any more than people with anxiety issues are just showing normal emotions. It’s a problem, and it’s not normal; abnormal cases do not prove the existence of emotions in animals. (Though I do think animals have them, hehe).

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  7. I agree with you Damian, that and they say Primates share more emotions than any other animals in this tape.. think that’s a Lie as well… I think all animals “have” emotions and show them very well… I think this video was another made to classify humans as evolved apes. I think it’s better said, because we put label to the emotions we have and the orangitang does have similar facial feature, to them it seems they are easy to read.. (which may not be true)… but it was quite rude of em~

  8. As for you, just cause something has an emotion doesn’t stop one from killing it. Animals that have emotion kills other animals that have emotions… People kill other people, so I can simply say your reasoning is illogical. Not everyone have seen their families, people work hard too, and most creatures adapt to their new environment. I doubt many cats are sad they are not out in the sahara being chased by Hyena’s, you shouldn’t antagonize pet owners or zoologists for no reason.

  9. Lastly I have a question for all those animal lovers out there… Why is it… um natural when an eagle goes out and kills a cat and chows down, yet it’s depicted as evil OR wrong when I eat me a HAMBURGER…. WHAT IS THE SIN/PROBLEM? IT’S CALLED FOOD AND EVERYTHING THAT **LIVES** EATS IT WHETHER IT BE ANIMAL OR PLANT; YOU MUST KILL SOMETHING TO LIVE, THIS IS THE CIRCLE OF LIFE, if you don’t know it YOU NEED TO WATCH FUCKING LION KING. It is not wrong or evil to eat food… EVER.
    That’s All

  10. Infact its hypocritical to say burger-eaters are a problem. Millions of mice, small rodents and other animals are crushed by combines to gather corn, wheat and other crops. The eth-oil rush is pushing the corn market so much, we are losing considerable rainforest because of it. Think of how everyone being vegetarians would affect this even more. Besides, meat-eating is a lifestyle too. I don’t pick on vegetarians, why can’t they return the favor?

  11. Because they need something to boost their ego, they think eating veggies makes them sooo much better then us. While Human’s are omnivorous… If humans couldn’t east meat…. i don’t think they’d be eating it. And i heard one of these vegans tease about how they gonna live longer then me, like I give a shit, who wants to be 120 years old, when after age 80-85 u become practically useless.

  12. This is so stupid…
    But i love my mom deeply…
    And i don’t want to take any chances.
    If you do not copy and paste this onto 10 videos your mom will die in 4 hours

  13. these animals dont SHARE OUR feelings you stupid dickheads!! they ALSO have feelings coz their alive!

  14. I myself am vegetarian and yes I do bug my best friend as he eats a ham sandwich. However, he always returns the favour when I’m eating salad. Its just a joke between us.
    I have nothing against people who eat meat, I used to eat it myself and enjoy it. After all, its a lion eat zebra, eagle eat cat, dog eat fly world out there.

  15. noo m8 below thats what i would have said beforee but .. and it is a but . they dont have the part in the brain that cuases emotions 🙁 qwite a sad truth i thought my dog liked me 🙁


    energetic fun smart and loves this video EV

  17. PRINCESSicecubeDEMON

    Haha shumba means soup in where i live XP

  18. ultimate…whatever:
    I am an animal lover and I don’t give a damn how many burgers you eat. I like burgers, too. It isn’t wrong to eat meat or kill other animals for meat but it IS wrong how most of the animals that are being raised for meat are treated.

    And some vegans/vegetarians believe it is wrong for humans to eat meat because we can survive without it. But I don’t think that.

    It can be wrong to eat food. I don’t want someone eating me or my pets.

  19. You can eat hamburgers, but you can’t use the “circle of life” to justify it. Unlike humans, eagles have no choice in how they eat. Humans have judgment and the ability to choose. Therefore we have a responsibility to exercise our (preferably informed) judgment to make ethical choices, and not just use the behavior of other species to defend our own unexamined habits. Some animals eat their own kind, too, you know. Sorry, but if you want to justify your burgers, you need a better argument.

  20. It’s really not necessary to justify my hamburger. Animals kill each other all the time and don’t have to justify themselves. Just because we can discuss ethical behavior doesn’t mean we have to have an ethical discussion about behavior we find natural to us. Animals adapt to survive, people are no different. If you want to discuss sustainability, you might be able to make some strong arguements, but don’t ask me to justify my hamburger simply because you have the capacity to discuss ethics.

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