Pet Zoom (Product Review)

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Pet Zoom is a revoluationary pet grooming product sold at stores and via infomercials. Here, I review the product with my cats.
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17 comments on “Pet Zoom (Product Review)

  1. i saw a quick advert for this on tv but thought it worked by collecting the hair inside the brush itself, LOL. now i know better.

  2. Interesting. Looks sort of cheaply made. I’ve never had a problem pulling pet (dog) hair out of a pet brush. Nice looking cats!

  3. Xaves, I just had to share this with my wife, because we have a cat.

  4. WackaDoodleFreeZone

    nice review! Thanks for sharing it with us! HUGS xoxoox

  5. Brilliant! Tell me where can I get the Pet Zoom?!

  6. My cat is going to love it… I will grab one!

  7. cubansfinestC

    put him on drugs and he could be the next billy maysman

  8. I saw them today at Walgreens. I was thinking about getting one but wanted to see reviews first. Xaves, great review! Thank you! Your cats are so cute!

  9. Thanks for posting. NIce smile 🙂

  10. This stuff actually works. When grooming my cat, it has a lesser chance of coughing up a hairball.

  11. I got it today for my cat, i used it and she did pretty well even though she is a mean kitty. It took out a lot more hair than other brushes and the hair was neatly packed as a square. The “press to get rid of hair” button doesn’t really work, i mean it presses but you have to take the hair with your own hands, but those $10 were worth it !

  12. isnt pet zoom a sonic pitch pet trainer>?

  13. i could have swore it was

  14. Does anyone know anything about the sonic pitch trainer? Any personal experience with it? I have a big, loud dog & sure could use it but don’t want to buy another gadget.

  15. what a cutey!

  16. @khainguyen98 Pet zoom is the company, the Pet zoom sonic pitch trainer is a product of theirs, as is the Pet zoom pet park, and the Pet zoom nail trimmer…. etc etc.

  17. @theaideen it work i bought one last night

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