What are your BIGGEST pet peeves?

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Question by linus_livingston: What are your BIGGEST pet peeves?
I’m always interested in pet peeves, so tell me yours. What really gets you annoyed?
Some of mine are:

*People who don’t wave when you let them out in traffic or let you turn in front of you.
*People who don’t put their shopping carts back in the little shopping cart “house” in parking lots.

Best answer:

Answer by Peter
People who wait until the light is about to turn red before they start crossing the street. And they always saunter slowly across!

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  1. Money that is not facing the same way
    People that talk to your chest and not your face
    Using the word ‘like’ and ‘you know’ fifteen times in one sentence, like you know.
    People that use the toilet, and don’t wash their hands. (then I see them feeding their kids!)
    Parents that let their kids climb on everything or run around and do or say nothing, but as soon as you try to keep them from killing themselves, glare and get angry with you.
    Seeing kids in dirty, grimy clothes, but the parents are in clean and pressed clothes.
    People that talk down to me and think I’m stupid because of where I work. (I work at Wal-Mart)

  2. Hmm, let me think for a moment.

    The sound of chewing makes me want to kill myself.

    Smacking lips/popping/squelching (air pockets in the mouth) while eating, talking with one’s mouth full, licking one’s fingers (more so with a full mouth), and also leaving the saliva on the fingers after licking them to glisten in the light, and suddenly breathing loudly while chewing (because breathing just became harder?) drives me insane and my eyes to twitch.

    I also can’t stand poor table manners like, along with the above, not knowing how the hell to hold a fork correctly, slouching over one’s plate, shoveling food into mouth, “chasing” food (leaning way out as the utensil moves away from the mouth at a slower rate than the mouth chasing the utensil), tapping one’s teeth with a fork every time they put their food into their mouth, scraping the fork as they pull the utensil out, and licking the back of spoons after removing it from your mouth!!!

    Slurrrrrrrping hot drinks.

    Slow, sloppy, wet kisses.

    Sniffing quietly and constantly. sniff. sniff… sniff……. sniff… sniff… sniffffff… Good God, Kleenex boxes have officially become the #1 projectile in the town where I live, and people still don’t know how to use them!!

    People who have to move every femtosecond, usually in the form of bouncing their knees up and down from across the room. If I only had a chainsaw and a warrant.

    People who think they’re right. No, you’re WRONG.

    I’m going to have to agree on the shopping carts thing, people are lazy ass BUMS who’ve never had their cars smashed by a cart from 50 yards away.

    People who say “uh huh, uh huh, uh huh” after every two words you say. People who say something self-important and then add “so” at the end, like “Well I prefer it this way, so…” Ugh, that drives me up the WALL lol

    People who don’t look up when you’re talking to them.

    Movies that have scenes of people brushing their teeth, omg, make me puukkkkeee!! Like I really want to watch mouths frothing and the sound of plaque brushed against more plaque, and then these people spit slowly and “puh-too-uhh” like slow motion, without running water in the sink… the only reason I don’t projectile vomit when watching these scenes is because I keep telling myself, “It’s the 17th take, their teeth are cleaner than yours will ever be.”

    People who spit on the ground or snort, hock, and spit in public areas. Okay, if the law allowed instant death after spitting, I would be king of blowing all you spitters away, that is just so nasty, that I turn into a little girl and squeal with my eyes shut tight as to how nasty that is. Has anyone ever stepped into spit?

    For some reason, though, people who spit gum out don’t bother me, but spit just makes me start seething and foaming and going into seizures.

    I could probably go on, but I don’t need to make myself sound more misanthropic than I really am.

  3. I become very agitated when I have to listen to people eat. There is a guy on my team at work who always brings crunchy foods with him to a training or meeting. I have to listen to him crunch apples, nuts and carrots for the entire time. Halfway through the meeting I want to choke him so badly, that I cannot concentrate on the agenda at all. I actually said something today, a bit timidly I guess, but it did not stop his annoying chomping. I guess I may have to knock him off.

    I hate it when people crack their gum or blow and bust bubbles in their mouths.

    When I was young, my piano teacher used to clip his frickin’ fingernails while sitting next to me on the piano bench. I would have to play the piano and watch his frickin’ fingernails fly across the keyboard.

    I hate people who speed up to pass you when you are in the left lane of the highway, only to have to squeeze in between you and the next guy. I pray that I will be able to give them the “high sign” when they are finally pulled over. Alas, it seldom happens.

    I can’t stand it when people order a dinner for 45 at the drive through, when all you want is your egg McMuffin.

    I want to kill when a woman (very seldom a man, because he knows he is outnumbered) sits her grocery cart smack darn in the middle of the aisle making it impossible for anyone to get by on either side. Then she/he acts oblivious to the fact that anyone else shops in the frickin store.

    I hate that most people you run into anywhere have this look on their face like they hate you and everybody else in the world. What happened to a friendly smile?

    Oh, my Gosh (need the Lord on my side right now and can’t use his name for this)! I was getting my nails done a long time ago when I had time for that stuff, and the gal that was doing my nails kept cracking her gum – I mean obnoxiosly. It took all the self control that I had to hold myself back from smacking her, or worse. I got through it. Needless to say, I never went back again.

    I absolutely hate snobs, people who for whatever reason think and let it be known that they think, they are better than you. May they have to compete with Satan someday. I imagine that he will give them a run for their money.

    Last, but definitely not least, I HATE litterers. My mother taught me well. I never throw trash out the window of a car and taught my children the same value. I have actually been known to chase and reprimand litterers. I taught my children the same values. Maybe that is why our cars are always such a mess. 🙂

  4. People who use text shorthand on Y!A.
    People who talk down to children.

  5. When people loose or forget to bring you something that you let them borrow.

  6. *The word ‘pet peeve’
    *When people have tags sticking out of their shirt
    *When people correct every word you say
    and people who try too hard.

  7. people who ask what my pet peeves are

  8. Yahoo! answers CEO

    People who can’t shut up.
    People who curse a lot.
    People who need attention (besides children).
    People who have no consideration for other people (i.e. talking loud when people are sleeping, eat all the food, pee with the door open lol.

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