When you were little, did you ever catch a bug/small animal and call it your “pet?”?

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Question by My Wicked Mind: When you were little, did you ever catch a bug/small animal and call it your “pet?”?
When I was little (3 or 4) I found a cricket. I had never had a pet, and this was a big thing for me. i named him, Crickety.
Crickety was a truly remarkable cricket. I loved him so much, that I gave him a bath, ending with lotion and baby powder. One of his legs fell off.
I loved Crickety so much, that I gave him a haircut, and “trimmed” his antenne.
I loved Crickety so much, that I dunked him in my hot chocolate so he could get a taste.
Crickety was a lot of fun, my mom and I played with him. I wrapped him in a blanket every night and gave him a kiss.
Crickety got the joy of playing in a maze of blocks with only five legs, and one antenne. A block fell on him.
Crickety was a truly great cricket. In fact, when he died (his head fell off.) I scratched a little grave in the front yard for him, and buried him. My mom found me, (butt naked) in the yard, scratching two graves, one for his head, one for his body. When I came in the house, tears were running down my face.

When I was a little older, I found a baby lizard named, “Shady”.
I loved Shady, and played with her. Then she ran away, and I think I found her days later like a prune.

I also caught a baby lizard, Lizardy. I fed him (Grapes) and I played with him so much. I remember he ran away, my dad felt so bad, he wrote a note saying, “THANK U SO MUCH 4 TAKING CARE OF MY BABY, LOVE LIZERDYS MOMMY” I was proud of myself. Then, dad found ANOTHER baby lizard and was like, “Natalie! Look who it is!”

My grandfather caught a “legless lizard” and one night, I let it out of the box, trying to play, “tag” and WHOOSH it was gone, xD

My mom caught a box turtle that became “Ringneck” because his neck was so fat it had rings xD and one day my mom let him go because he gave my sis salmanella!!!! O: O:

What about you guys? *itches head*
Now I have 2 Snakes and 2 turtles, so dont feel TOOO bad my legless lizard (who i think was a snake) and turtle ran away.

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Answer by Daisy: time to make ginger snaps
Cute story. My daughter adopted an Ant when she was 3. He drowned in some water. Boo hoo.

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7 comments on “When you were little, did you ever catch a bug/small animal and call it your “pet?”?

  1. That’s sweet. I was a tomboy and as my avatar indicates I love frogs. My first “pet” was a tiny frog I caught outside. I kept it in a bowl until I decided to bath him one day. Frogs and bubble bathes don’t mix~

  2. Yes! I had a pet frog named ‘tea’.My father created new kinds of orchids. Once they bloomed most lasted a long time. I would name them,like a pure yellow one was ‘lemon’. My mom kept buying me little turtles,but they kept dying.I would kiss and kiss their faces,and must have gotten them sick.I also had a pet brow spider,named Big Fred.I just let him do his thing,no capture.He became very large over the years… The body was the size of an apricot. Thanx! Very good question.

  3. Lol yes. I absolutely loved to catch butterfiles and catterpillars. Once we found two baby rabbits in our yard. They were so cute! I think one was named jumpy.

  4. AWEH!

    LOL, yeah my brother and his best friend, and I had a “bug zoo” and we put an add in our complex that ifanyone wanted to get rid of the bugs in thier garden, we’d come and get it and put it in our zoo. Our “zoo” was made of lego and we always had bugs dying. =P

    One guy was always nice and helped us. I think it’s because he thought we were cute. I was 7, my brother was 6, and his best friend was 5. (=

    I miss our zoo. )=

  5. Life in Technicolor II™

    yes infact i do.
    i used to catch some butterflies at my grandma’s garden and then kept it in a jar
    sadly few hours later it died and the next day i keep hunting for more =)
    i also use to kept some beetles too


  6. ʏσυ ɑʀɛ кɪɴɛτɪc❥

    i love your story, i cracked up on crickety’s part. it’s also really sad.
    but yes, i did.

  7. my first “pet’ was a dusk.

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